New studies…

So, where’s the national and international breaking stories about these studies, done in both the US and Great Britain?

Oh, wait, I forgot, this article calls bunk on the “obesity epidemic”, so of course there wouldn’t be any coverage.

The Myth of an “Obesity Tsunami”  (Thanks to Big Liberty for posting this first.)


Well now…

It seems that some good will come of me being fat after all.

I’m sure that, now that it’s 2010, you have all heard about the end of the world (as we know it).  You know, the Mayan calendar resets ENDS on December 21, 2012!  The world will END!*  OH NOES!!11!!  

It seems a health club and spa in Britain has decided to use that idea to galvanize people into losing weight.  Oh, not the Mayan calendar but a different (yet still popular) end of the world scenario — little green men from outer space.

“Aliens will eat the fatties first!”

Looks like there’s a benefit to being fat after all.  I won’t have to worry about the end of the world, dying of disease or starvation or violence (because, since I’ve stockpiled literally tons of food others will use any method available to them, including my death, to get the resource of my vast underground food stash, natch). 

I knew there had to be a bright side to this!

*Just like the world ended in the 70’s (predicted by the book The Late, Great, Planet Earth), or in 1988 (predicted by a guy who used his knowledge of somebody else’s interpretation of Egyptian hieroglyphics to biblically prove the end of the world between September 9 and 13, 1988), or in the early 90’s (some interpretations about Nostradamus quatrains said nuclear war in the 90’s), or 2000 (Y2K!! Y2K!!!) or 2001 (cuz everybody knows the real Millenium started on 2001).  Uhhuh, you all believe that, right? 🙂