Getting it together

2010 has been a very busy and interesting year for me so far.

My husband and I have moved into our own place.  It was a very tough decision to make, especially since his mother really needs the care I was providing, but for our emotional and marital well being, we had to do it.   The apartment we are in is a great place, relatively quiet (today when somebody in a different building had their stereo so loud I could hear and feel the bass in my apartment being the exception), and, best of all, ours.

This has necessitated a few changes in our lifestyles, though.  I’m still not working an out of the house job.  We still only have one car, and with Conall’s work schedule (really confused) there’s no way for me to be able to commute unless the job is within walking distance.   I’ve applied at all of the places within walking distance (that is, within a mile and a half) of the complex, but not had any bites on my applications yet.

That’s okay, I’m a resourceful woman, and have found some ways to make a bit of money on the internet.  Unfortunately, they were all very time consuming.

Which is the long reason why I’ve not been keeping up on here as much as I had been.

However, I’ve been hired on as, basically, a researcher for an internet company.  I will be able to work a lot less hours making more money than I was making working 80+ hours a week doing the other things I was.  What that means is, you will start seeing more of my writing again!  Yay!  (Or, in the case of the trolls, probably Boo!)

If there’s anything I’ve missed that’s really spectacular in the past couple of months, let me know.  Otherwise, start looking for regular writings here again!


Cathy puts it all in perspective

From Cathy today:

Healthy or Thin?

Original can be found here.

I Should Know Better

Over on FaceBook today I allowed myself to be drawn into a debate about fat.  You know how it is.  Somebody writes something, and as much as you say, “oh, this is going to be a time sink and I just don’t have the time for it today” you can’t stop reading it.  And once you read, well, then you write, and it goes downhill from there.

The original note was very much a size/fat-acceptance piece about how Michelle Obama’s initiative is going at this whole thing wrong.  And, at the beginning, the responses were positive.

Unfortunately, a person who identifies as a doctor came on and told about her practice.  She states that every single one of her patients is obese (which I highly doubt) and they all have so-called fat related illnesses.  She categorically stated that fat is caused by their own choices and lack of willpower, and that she’d love to see just one person who wasn’t sick.

So, I asked where she practiced, that I’d love to come and let her see a healthy fat person (because I know all my levels of everything is in low-normal parameters).  My only condition was that, when everything came back normal, she would have to not give me the “you’re still dying and need to lose weight” speech.

Her response was dismissive.  “Come back in ten years and we’ll talk.”

Excuse me?  For somebody who stated she wanted to see one person who didn’t have hypertension, diabetes, or heart disease, she’s rather dismissive about finding an actual, you know, healthy person.  Of course, I really didn’t expect any better from her because in her original screed, she stated that she doesn’t care of people see this as an evil conspiracy between the evil diet corporations, the evil doctors and evil Hollywood.  *sighs*

So, besides being the reason for global warming and the fuel shortage, I’m also a conspiracy theorist.  Guess I need to knit myself an aluminum hat now.  Oh, wait, first I need to learn how to knit!

My response back to her dismissiveness was to call her on it.  I told her she was stacking the decks, that, after wishing for even one person who did not have Type II Diabetes, she was dismissing a healthy woman with no diabetes, hypertension or heart disease, and saying to wait for ten years.  Age will get us all.  If I live long enough, it may well happen that I develop hypertension, heart disease, stroke (since all of those are in my immediate family).  But until (and even after) that happens, I’m going to continue to enjoy my very active life and not apologize for what I look like.

Because, really, this isn’t about health.  If it was, then doctors like her would not stack the decks and tell a perfectly healthy woman to wait ten years when she was just crying for one person to come into her office who didn’t have Type II Diabetes.

ETA:  I went to the person in question’s profile and found that she is a grad student, graduating in 10.  (So it’s possible she may have already graduated, depending on when commencement ceremonies are in her school.)  Even giving her the benefit of the doubt and allowing that she was in medicine, she’s still not a doctor.  So, not only was her condensation something I’d never want to face in a physician (but, unfortunately, have), but she’s also proved to be a liar.

Somehow, this really does not surprise me.