Alton, Just Shut UP!

“And there has got to be a correlation between food media and Americans becoming big fat pigs,” he says, “I’m not going to say Food Network’s responsible for American obesity. I’m not going to say that because of course what you put in your mouth is your own fault and your duty. But the fact that the rise of the celebrity chef has happened hand-in-hand with people becoming big fat pigs, someone’s going to reckon with that.
Alton Brown, celebrity chef, creator of Good Eats, and one of the “faces” of the Food Network, in this article.   (Bolded by me.)

Food Network, get rid of your bigotted, holier than thou representative.  You WILL lose viewers if you let this bigoted man continue to be one of your “faces”, one of your voices.  You sell the concept of food to everybody.  You sell spots to advertisers upon the idea that millions of people will continue to tune in to you, and therefor tune in to your sponsors.  Alton Brown, if he continues his misplaced crusade, will hurt your business.

Alton Brown, I used to respect you.  You are the “Science Guy” of food production.  You helped me to understand a lot of the science behind things like yeast and other leavening, why putting an extra egg into cake batters at high altitude helps the cake not fall, and a lot of other things.  Your recipes were great to recreate.  Your show Good Eats was fun and informative.  HOWEVER.  You do NOT have any right to call the people who you, personally, are making money off of (in the form of book sales) big fat pigs. You do NOT have the right to engage in hate speech, condescension, nor ridicule towards them (remember the “did you eat the TV” comment?  yeah, that’s the ridicule).

You will never grace my living room again.  I’m just very glad that I’m not one of the “nice folk” who’ve personally contributed to your fortune (by buying one of your books).

Oh, and by the way, you might want to emulate Andrew Zimmerman.  As you said, “he never disrespects anybody.”  You might want to try that, if you don’t want to lose any more viewers for your employers, or sales of your book!


Damned if I do, Damned if I don’t

So, I was sitting here eating a Hostess Ho-Ho and reading my Facebook friends feed (umm, no, really — does that make me a “bad fatty”?), and came across a link from a friend.  The link was for a place that sells women’s chest protection for fencing.  Basically, think a hard, plastic front of a model looking thing that you wear to keep yourself from getting hurt while fencing.

I’ve thought about picking up a blade a time or two.  Conall’s been doing SCA fencing for about 3 years now, and really enjoys it.  It looks like it could be fun, and is not near as rough as the heavy fighting is (those people beat hit each other with sticks rattan “swords” and require much heavier armor than fencing requires).

However, every time I’ve looked into fencing, I’ve been disappointed to find there’s nothing that fits me.  The link my friend put up went to “x-large”, with no measurements or other indication of just what they consider to be extra large.   Places I’ve seen in the past only go up to a 36 D.

This always comes back to the whole “why don’t fat people exercise” question.  Many people assume all I do all day long is sit on the internet (or watch TV) and eat Twinkies (or, in my case, since I admitted to eating one up there, Ho-Ho’s).   However, when we try to get exercise, we typically have two problems:  1) we are ridiculed for any attempt we make, whether it be walking or bicycling or swimming or joining a gym, and 2) there are no clothes that fit us properly, doubly so if we go into a specialized sport, such as fencing, or karate.

It’s extremely frustrating and disheartening to find a sport I like, only to find that I have to make my own clothing.  A specific case is the karate I’m doing.  When I joined, the Gi’s only went to a unisex size 8 (obviously, these sizes are NOT standard US sizes).  A size 8 Gi top does not close on me, however it does at least do the crossover tie.  Where it’s supposed to tie all the way at the sides though, it only overlaps by about 2 inches.  The pants didn’t fit at all.  The dojo special ordered a size 9 for me, hoping it would fit better.  It did, and didn’t.  I could squeeze into the pants (if I held my breath), and the Gi jacket now almost made it to the sides.  The problem with the jacket was that the shoulder seam came down to my elbows.  Not something I could actually, you know, fight in.

Next week Conall and I both are entered into the this Dojo system’s state Competition (and how we allowed ourselves to be talked into it, we’ll never understand), and I have to make myself a Gi jacket I won’t be embarrassed to compete in.  Because, of course, they still don’t make any jackets that might actually work for a woman over a conventional size 14.

So, a lot of times when I hear from trolls (both online and in real life), “Just exercise more, fatty!  Stop playing video games so much and eating Twinkies all the time,” I think about the challenges that face me when I do exercise.   It’s a good thing I know how to sew and make a pattern, otherwise I’d not have agreed to enter competition no matter how much Sensei tried to convince me it would be good for me.   Unfortunately, since I don’t know how to mold plastic to make a formed breastplate for myself, I’m not going to be trying fencing any time in the near future.

New Experiment

I’ve started a new experiment.  It’s called eating.

Okay, yes, I’ve been eating for these 43, almost 44 years.  I’m not saying that I was a Breatharian.  However,  I wouldn’t eat more than once a day.  Maybe on occasion I’d have a snack, but really, I’d have one huge meal once a day.

Since I’ve been having smaller meals during the day, I’ve found my hunger.  I’ve blogged before about not really feeling hunger, and how I didn’t know if I ever would be able to feel it.  Well, since starting to eat at least two (sometimes three, boy am I getting radical) meals a day, I’ve been feeling the hunger.

Actually, it’s so bad (if I forget to eat — like this morning), that the dog heard my stomach growling and growled back!  It is so forceful I can’t ignore it.

It’s hard to believe I used to not feel hunger at all.  It’s hard to believe that I used to not feel hunger at all as recently as only two months ago.

This is a strange sensation, both in eating so often and in actually feeling hunger.


You all have overwhelmed me with your support.   I did not expect that.  Thank you very much.

I think I will start writing a cook book.

And I will be asking for some contributions as well, as I’m not sure I have enough recipes of my own to fill a whole cook book.

Thank you, y’all.

I’m not sure this would work

I’ve recently been hired at a local retail store, and am becoming accustomed to the schedule.   The hours can sometimes be long, but I like where I work, so that helps me when I get tired.

This weekend I had my first long days — 7 and 8 hour days.  During one of the days, on lunch break, I was talking with a coworker.

I had brought some meat pie type things that I made for lunch.  It was a homemade raised bread crust with meat and veggies inside it.  It was good, even if I do say so myself.  My coworker asked what I’d brought, and I said it was kind of like a homemade Hot Pocket (TM), only better.

We started talking food, and how I tend to make everything from scratch, and at one point during the conversation, she said I should write a cookbook.  I laughed, and told her that I wrote the wrong type of blog to get any kind of publisher interested in a cookbook from me.  That, of course, led to questions on what kind of blog I write.

Before we went too far into the fat/size acceptance movement, I said, “Yeah, I could just see the title too.  An Unrepentant Fatty’s Cook Book.”  She laughed and then said, “Sure, why not?”

I can think of a hundred reasons why not.  The fact that I’m unrepentant.  The fact that I’d not be able to get a publisher to go for something titled that.  The fact that I’d get so much more negative reaction from doing something like that than I’ve gotten from writing this blog.*  That’s just the easy first three from the top of my head reasons.

However, I still like the title.  The Unrepentant Fatty’s Cook Book. Too bad it’s an idea who’s time will never come.

*Fact is, while I’ve been dormant for most of this year, I’m still getting trolls telling me how I’m the personification of all that’s wrong with the world, because I’m fat.