Step into my Parlor

A little about me:

I am an artist, working in a diverse medium.  Mostly, I work in fiber and rocks.  I make jewelry, lace, fabric, trim.  I also draw occasionally, paint seldomly, and use pastels once in a blue moon.

I am a crafter and entrepreneur.  I make soaps, lotions, body butters, lip balms, bath salts, salt and sugar scrubs, and sell them all.

I’m a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism.  The SCA is a non-profit organization recreating the best things about the Middle Ages.  If you are interested or want more information, please go to to learn more about us.

I’m a stay at home … something.  I am the primary caretaker of my husband’s elderly mother.

I am also fat, and a Fat Activist, I preach Fat Acceptance, and I believe in Health at Every Size (HAES)  While all of the above is part of what makes me me, this blog will specifically be about FA and HAES. 

Ground rules for this blog:

Polite debate is welcome and encouraged.  You do not need to be in lock step with me on this blog.  However, I must stress the word “polite”.  Think of this as my living room and you are a guest, and please act accordingly. 

Flames will not be permitted or tolerated.

Trolls will not be permitted or tolerated.

Everybody will be moderated at first.  Once I know the rules will be followed, I will take you off moderation.

 I have decided to update this blog on a regular schedule, instead of irregularly like I have done in the past.  The new update will be on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  Saturdays will usually be some fluff type stuff, and may even go off the topic of FA or HAES.

So, come on in.  Kick off your shoes.  Get comfy.  Have a drink of your choice and a snack, and let’s start talking!


5 Responses

  1. Cool! Nice to Meet Ya! My name is Monica, I am 42, my metabolism is DEAD and I quit smoking…I’m sure you can guess that I gained weight. I agree with you totally..heathy at every size.
    I have been married to the same sweet man for nearly 25 years and we have 4 teenagers actually no my oldest just turned 20. I too am a caretaker….My oldest son Matt was brain injured during birth…He is the sweetest person I have ever met in my life.
    Looking forward to reading your blogs.

  2. You gotta love the skin you’re in, regardless if it’s a tight fit, a fit with give, or fit with giggles.

  3. Hello! I found your blog through BlogHer (it was next to mine on the listing). I think I’m going to like it here.

  4. I have been browsing through blogs, just started blogging myself, and found you. What a refreshing journey! You are so courageous, funny and real! I started reading your stuff about 1 1/2 hours ago and I’m still here! I will be back to see how you’re doing. It is so nice to hear about someone who accepts and likes herself. I am so impressed by you, your writing style, and what you have to say. I’ll be back!

  5. Hey,
    Good day to you. I have to say how impressed I am with you and the amazing way that you embrace life, and exactly who you are. You are proving to the world that we don’t all have to be a size zero to feel sexy and truly confident. Kudos to you, I will be a regular follower of your blog. Stay strong sister!!

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