Internet memes for the fail

Internet, and especially Facebook, memes are an interesting thing.  They go from cute LOLCats, to politics (or politics ) and everything in between.  Every so often, weight comes up as a meme.

Today, as I was reading my friends feed on Facebook, I saw one of my aquaintances had posted this:

I am *redacted* pounds. I’m curvy and beautiful. I will never have a flat tummy but I support true beauty. Re-post with your real weight if you support true beauty.

Nice sentiment, isn’t it?

Except, in a world where anything that is bigger than a size 2 is considered to be Fatty McFatterson and people think that they can tell everything about a person – their eating habits, their health, how much they exercise (or don’t exercise) – because they are obese.  Except in a world where people think they have the right to tell other people what to eat, or call them liars when they insist that they exercise.

Predictably, a response came in on that status that basically read everything fat people hear all the time.  You’re unhealthy.  I know you are unhealthy because you’re so fat!  You’re ugly!  And you are ugly because you are fat!  (This is very boiled down, and the person who responded did not call the original person fat or unhealthy.)

I’m not going to get into it on my acquaintance’s wall.  I’ve learned, there’s no reasoning with bigotry.

However, I would like to see a world where a different meme comes into play.

Or how about just living by the "golden rule"?

This person had such an opportunity to embrace the spirit of the message:  that one doesn’t have to be a size 2 in order to be beautiful.  That while fat people may not be their cup of tea, that doesn’t make them ugly.  Instead, that person showed their true ugliness by their words.  And in doing so, could inadvertently hurt somebody they don’t even know.

All because the world has such a skewed up sense of what “healthy” means, and that beauty (which is a personal assessment and not something that can be objectively measured) has nothing to do with health.  Because the world has confused “thin” with “health”.  Because even doctors contribute to the lie that one can just look at a person and tell how healthy they are.

No, I won’t be sharing this on my wall.  Not because I’m afraid to put out my weight.  I’ve done it before, I’ll do it again.  Heck, I’ll do right now, even.  I weigh about 245 (don’t know the actual weight because I don’t own a scale and it’s been a year since my last medical visit), I am 5’2″ tall.  So, that puts me in the “Deathfatz” category.  (And yet, I still manage to do all these things that should give me a heart attack immediately!)

The reason I won’t repost is that I refuse to perpetuate the hurt that will cause, may have already caused, in some person’s life.   I can only hope more people will NOT repost this meme.


3 Responses

  1. I hate that we are defined by our weight, our breasts, our asses. I hate that women feel the need that they have to express their weight or clothing size or expose themselves. I hate that other women have to make comments like, “PHff, there’s no way she’s only 245lbs.” Or, “I’d kill myself if I ever got that fat”. Or worse. I hate that I can’t go to youtube, or facebook or pretty much any so-called social networking site and read the comments without feeling disgusted with men and women. I’m just so tired of hate. But mostly I don’t understand how all these fat haters feel better about themselves with their so called freedom of speech. I seriously would be sick to my stomach if I ever said anything like some of these people do.

  2. i know you. AND i know you’re beautiful within and without, no matter how fat or thin you may be.

  3. I think you are right that everyone should feel beautiful and be told that they are beautiful. I also think that we can learn true self acceptance despite the negative comments we receive. Even the most conventionally attractive and thin people are attacked and told they are ugly. I am someone who puts myself out there in the world and I am still criticized. It hasn’t been easy but I won’t hide in the shadows just to avoid my chances of being hurt by someone’s words.

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