I can’t believe I have to say this again

For those of you who are new to reading my blog, here are some tips if you want to see your comments come out of moderation:

1) Do NOT assume I’m stupid.  If I write something (like my last post) where I extol eating whatever you damn well please, do not think that because I don’t put “in moderation” behind every other sentence, I’m saying that all people everywhere (especially fat people) should eat candy all day every day!

2) Do NOT be a concern troll.  It’s not about my, or anybody’s, health.  If it was, discussions of “health” wouldn’t ever become discussions of numbers.

3) Be polite.   I don’t mind disagreement, as long as the people disagreeing remember to be polite about it.

4) Do not try to bring in the same tired stereotypes that are blatantly not true.   Fat people are no more or less likely to be lazy slobs than normal-sized or skinny people.  We all, individually, have lazy days and productive days, and just as people don’t commonly say, “Look at that lazy skinny person just sitting around watching tv all day.  Typical!  Most skinny people just sit around and watch tv all day!” DON’T think that anything like that will be allowed out of moderation here.

5) This is my space.  No, you do not have any rights towards being able to say what you want, unless they are rights I give you.  You want to proclaim the evils of all the things I’m saying are good and right?  Do it on your own blog.  I will not willingly give you a platform here.

6) (or maybe 5b)  I do everything I can to make this a safe space.  To that end, I do not allow “diet for the sake of losing weight” talk here.  (Diet in the manner of whatever you eat is a diet, or in the manner of gluten-free or whatever, is not forbidden, however.)  I know that there are things I talk about that can be triggering for people who are recovering from Eating Disorders, and I try to remember to post Trigger Warnings for them.  If I forget, please let me know and I will rectify it.

7)  I come from a US-centric way of thinking.  Even though I have a few online acquaintances who are not USians, I am one, and my viewpoints do come from there.  As with the above, if I’m being particularly obtuse in my US-centricity, please let me know and I will evaluate my standpoint.  That doesn’t mean I will change my standpoint, but I will thoughtfully consider your viewpoint.

8 ) Douchebags will never be allowed out of moderation.  If you are abusive, if you engage in any kind of name calling, if you engage in any kind of threats, the only person who will ever see your words will be me.  And I will only see them for as long as it takes to hit the “delete” button.  I have dealt with many trolls this way, and have always, ALWAYS won the battle of wills with them.  I will always win this battle because I really don’t care that some random internet user calls me fat ass (or whatever).

I hope that you, new reader to my blog, will take to heart these few tips on what will keep your responses from being permanently deleted.  If you don’t, well, nobody but you and I will ever know what you said.

Oh, one more thing.  If you start out rational and get past moderation, and then you start doing any of the above, you WILL be put on immediate and permanent ban from responding to any of my posts.

Are we clear?  Good.


6 Responses

  1. Thanks for this, especially Rule Number 1. I have a similar problem in which I can’t have a single discussion about healthism without a hoarde descending on my blog yelling “OMFG, what about teh food deserts/Big Food/HFCS/free space.” I’m not against those discussions, but I am not a food activist or Michael Pollan acolyte. I prefer not to have those discussions on my blog, especially in posts about fighting healthism.

    The above might not be exactly what you have experienced, but it is definitely one of my blogging pet peeves…when people assume you’re too stupid to get it.

    The rest of the trolling behavior you describe is pretty par for the course for FA blogs. Every place on the planet has sacrificed itself to ther altar of weight loss and the tiny corner of the internet that chooses not to do that is accused of CENSORSHIP!!111ELEVENTYONE!1

    Go you for setting your ground rules!

  2. I’m not surprised you got trolled for your last post (though I’m sorry it happened, it’s never pleasant). Healthists and food-moralizers cling tightly to their ideology. To them, decoupling morality from food choice crumbles the entire foundation of their belief system, what they obsess about, what they believe will win them popularity, longer life, riches, higher knowledge, what makes them better than all those other ‘unenlightened’ ones.

    It’s a pretty good test for a moral panic, actually: challenge the cornerstone of the panic, suggest the deviant isn’t a deviant and/or deviant behavior doesn’t exist or is widely exaggerated, and brace for the firestorm. It always comes.

  3. every time i think about OMG HEALTHY OBESITY EPIDEMIC BOGGITY BOOGITY people i just think about Dr. OZ and his pancreatic cancer at 50. then i snicker and realize people are just scared of their own mortality. IF they concern troll it really means they are afraid of relaxing like you and then dying. see, if we are fat and live full healthy lives then everything they have sacrificed SO much for is nothing but a big lie, and they have to face that they have no control over their lifespan (just like NOBODY else)

  4. Great post and great reminder of the behavior you won’t tolerate.

  5. f I write something (like my last post) where I extol eating whatever you damn well please, do not think that because I don’t put “in moderation” behind every other sentence, I’m saying that all people everywhere (especially fat people) should eat candy all day every day!

    I’m always surprised by the number of people who think that constant “Only in moderation!” lectures are both effective and necessary in preventing candy binges.

    Most people aren’t wired for regular binges. A lot of people, due to dieting-induced deprivation find the idea appealing, but when genuinely given a chance to eat all of the candy they want, nearly everyone will hit the point of “This isn’t fun, I’m stopping” and putting down the candy on their own. Most people can be trusted to find their own limits, without the need for strangers to play babysitter.

    A small percentage of the population will eat far more than they want and enjoy, and that is due to sickness, not something that can be fixed by finger-wagging about moderation. Anyone who’s eating until they’re sick and in pain isn’t going to be helped by a “Remember, eat candy only in moderation!” lecture.

    So it’s not helping people who can’t control themselves, and it’s not necessary for people who can. It’s really just a way to scratch that Puritan itch.

  6. well of course you arent stupid. 🙂

    and for *most* individuals, the occasional sugared treat isnt that big of a deal, including the OMG fatty mcfattersons. like me. and i think that’s just downright wonderful.

    at the moment, my “binge food” is spring greens salad with lite raspberry vinagarette dressing. i can about eat my weight in it, and the dressing goes a LONG way.

    this is YOUR BLOG. therefore YOU get to decide what you say, and who gets to comment. dead stop. *hugs*

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