Real Women

I’ve gotten so tired of hearing the “real women have curves” mantra that’s been going around for a while.  While I understand it’s in response to the whole idea that a woman must have no curves that’s being forced on our society, it does a disservice to women who don’t have curves.

Today, while websurfing, I found this.

Real women are fat.  And thin.  And both, and neither, and otherwise.  Doesn’t make them any less real.

There is a phrase I wish I could engrave upon the hearts of every single person, everywhere in the world, and it is this sentence which comes from the genius lips of the grand and eloquent Mr. Glenn Marla:

There is no wrong way to have a body.

This is only the last part of the whole post.  Please, go read the whole thing.  It has a lot to say in a few short words.

7 Responses

  1. “There is no wrong way to have a body.”

    What a beautiful sentiment! I think I’m in love with the mind that came up with it.

  2. Here here! I also loathe that whole “real women have curves” BS. Seriously, how can someone who gets all the stigmatizing crap the world throws at us on a daily basis then turn around and tell some other woman that her body is “wrong”?

  3. I’m glad other people are coming on board with how damaging this line is. Real women comes in all shapes and sizes.

  4. I agree. I understand why the comments are made — there’s a lot of thin privilege granted by the culture, and fatness is so vilified that many fatter women feel like they’re being told they’re not ‘good women’ or even ‘real women’ by the culture. So they go overboard in reaction, going on the offensive and playing the only game they know — the game of competition. They don’t understand that they’re fighting the *wrong* people. The culture sets women against each other, and the ‘real women have curves’ mantra is a great example of that. Really, we should be fighting against a culture that suggests it has the right to shut certain people out of their own gender, period.

  5. Another thing I’ve always noticed about this rhetoric is that it leaves us apple shaped ladies (you know, the bad ones with all the fat in the “wrong places” and nothing to please a maaayen) in the dust (which, sorry to say, tends to happen rather a lot in the size acceptance world, from my experience. Hello from the bottom of the totem pole).

    Real women come in all shapes and sizes, indeed.

  6. “Real women have curves” drives me nuts – I’ve always wanted to make a Tshirt saying “Real women have lungs”

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