Oh, just one thing

If you are a new reader here, and haven’t seen your comment come out of moderation, that’s because I will not tolerate the contempt with which you decided to respond to what I have to say.

Maybe you don’t like something I had to say.  Maybe you think I’m stupid for not realizing a new piece of equipment is really just old technology turned to weight loss.  Maybe you just hate fat people.

I. Don’t. Care.

If you don’t agree with me, I don’t have a problem with it.  When you think you can berate or abuse me with your language, or treat me like I’m an imbecile, that’s where I have issues.  If you’ve read my Step Into My Parlor post, you will notice I stress the word “polite”.  If you want to disagree with me, go for it.  I have no issues with disagreement.  If you want to debate the issues, again, go for it.  However, if you are impolite, then you will never see your comment.

Because life is way to short for me to allow that kind of junk in my blog.

Do we understand each other?


3 Responses

  1. There’s never an excuse for being rude.

  2. Trolls imagine themselves as missionaries doing god’s work. They think our life’s purpose is to offend them. That’s not quite true; it’s just a perk.

  3. I love the trolls who pull the old “Freedom of Speech” chestnut. You have no freedom of speech in my domain–I’m under no obligation to publish vile commentary!
    I just discovered your blog through Dances With Fat and added it to my follow list. 🙂
    @Mulberry Trolls imagine themselves to be more cleverer than everyone else. Instead they are just repugnant douchebags whom everyone else thinks are odious.

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