Interesting study

I’m starting off the New Year with an interesting study that was published Newsweek’s website.

While the article still talks about calories in/calories out, it brings up some very interesting questions.  Questions such as, if it’s (the obesity epipanic) is really only about not moving enough and too much fast food, why are the animals (both domesticated and wild) also becoming bigger (ranges of obese animals increasing between 3 and 12% in the same amount of time that humans have been increasing)?

Food for thought, no?

Here’s the article.  I wouldn’t necessarily read the comments (I didn’t, but that’s just because I have no sanity points left after the holidays).  But the article brings up a lot of questions.


2 Responses

  1. “why are the animals (both domesticated and wild) also becoming bigger ”

    I had no idea that was happening. Odd. Surely wild animals aren’t eating more high fructose corn syrup, right? *goes to read the study*

    • Actually, the wild animals that were studied are ones that live along side humans. Rats and other species like that.

      So, if this study is correct, it seems to suggest there’s something in the human process that’s making things bigger (both taller and more fat). While I don’t eat many things with HFCS (I prefer to make almost all my own stuff) I’m not willing to say it’s just HFCS.

      But it seems to point to more than just the “calories in/calories out” we keep hearing about. Because rats and other animals lead a more active life than it is assumed fatties (or just about anybody other than professional athletes) do, and are still increasing in size.

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