Oh. My. Gods.

Okay, I know, I should never ever ever EVER engage on “Very Demotivational”.  I know the fat wank in there is strong, yet I still try.  And I have to say that since I’ve started engaging, there’s less fat wank.  It still happens, but there’s more and more people calling bullshit to the fat wank, and less and less people thinking it’s okay to be internet bullies.

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen at all.  Just there’s less.

Two days ago, a picture was put up.  A fat woman, at most likely a fair, standing outside a food vendor truck that’s advertising deep fried butter.  One of her hands is in the window (maybe paying, maybe getting something, can’t tell from the picture), one hand not and there’s nothing in it.  Oh the fat wank about how everybody knows how she gained weight.

(The picture is here.  Don’t read the comments if you like low blood pressure.)

At one point, I asked who’s business was it if she was, in fact, eating a donut (cuz, deep fried butter = donut, really).   At another, I put up “I am your mother” and stated that should be required reading for everybody who was hurdurring on fat people.

To that, here is one line of responses:


There is no excuse to be that overweight and buying something like that.

Really?  REALLY?  Being fat is being like Hitler now?

Being fat (for whatever reason) is just like killing millions of people in the most dispicable manners possible — torture, slavery, starvation.



Further down is the comment:


Ain’t no love for a fat chick . NO FAT CHICKS ALLOWED!!!!!
If you want to eat something , try a gun

So, it’s okay to tell people to commit suicide because they are fat.  Wait, what was this about “we only say these things because we are concerned about your health”?  I guess if somebody gives in to the hatred and bullying and does as is suggested here, they won’t have to worry about their health any longer.

This truly has reached epic proportions of stupidity and hate.

20 Responses

  1. Ya know, the idea that adults don’t need an “excuse” to eat what they want is so radical to people. To me, it sounds like these are the people that are knee-deep into body policing and unaware participants in social control. The idea of free choice and free minds around food and that really, as an adult, the only diet that you need to be concerned with is your own, not other adults, is so outrageous to people. Our culture makes it perfeclty o.k. to treat fat bodies as public domain, as if our bodies belong to everyone else to pick apart and judge.

    I feel truly sorry for these people that would do this – the oppression they assist in is a form of social prison for us, and for them actually. They just don’t see it.

  2. I guess “it gets better” doesn’t apply to fat people. How nice.

    • Well, you know. We’re not homosexual or bisexual teenagers who have no choice about what their sexuality is.

      We’re just lazy and stupid and making excuses, so we obviously deserve to die. *rolls eyes*

  3. Yeah, I try to avoid reading any comments at all lately. And why is hitler the new “douche” as insult/end-all of badness.
    For all we know she could have asked for a napkin or something. People are ignorant and ignorance breeds gullibility and hate. If you (not you but the people commenting) believe everything that’s on t.v. then you probably believe that without Scooby Doo all of those crooked carnival owners would still be ripping people off! Ha!

    • This is sorta off topic, but damn if that doesn’t remind me of Shaggy and Scooby who, if fat, would be the apocalypse personified with their fatty, all-consuming, never ending desire to eat everything under the sun.

      But, ya know, they’re thin (and male) so “they just have big appetites! Isn’t it hilARious!”


  4. *sigh* Haters gonna hate, if I may borrow from the popular vernacular.

    Idiots however will always be idiots, especially if they persist in only listening to what the national sound bite is at the moment.

  5. Oh, ew. That kind of “Being fat is like Hitler!” and “Go commit suicide” is just disgusting. Last time I checked, being fat was not the same as murdering and torturing people. What do you know, I’ve been fat all morning and haven’t tortured anyone!

    I can’t read comments on any of those sites. They’re almost always awful.

  6. Good for you for attempting to get some people to think (not that most of them *will*). I didn’t have it in me to engage with the commetns, but I did rate the picture down.

  7. What makes me so angry is that otherwise caring people never believe that we deal with this shit. Instead, they tell us we’re “too sensitive” or “over-reacting”.

  8. In the exchange you quoted, I agree with “The Queen”. And to the one who said “eat a gun”, I’d say, Try it yourself before you recommend it. Actually, I have said that in another less fat-friendly venue to a similar suggestion.
    Hadn’t heard the expression, “deep fried butter” before. I always thought butter was something you fry in, not something you fry. Man, this internet is so educational!

  9. I used to be an active participant in an internet forum and eventually people would start fat wanking.

    I will admit that after a while i wasn’t very nice in my response. Usually I would say something sarcastic at the fatwanker. Then the discussions either turned to more fat ragging or someone getting offended and calling me “butthurt” for killing their good time and telling me to get over it.

    I don’t know which was worse, the thin people thinking it was ok to make fat comments, or the other fat people who laughed along and participated (or winced in silence).

    After a while, I gave up. Because they would stop for a few months, then start up again. They were assholes and not worth my time, so I dropped them like a bad case of herpes.

    Life is too short to argue with bigots.

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