New Experiment

I’ve started a new experiment.  It’s called eating.

Okay, yes, I’ve been eating for these 43, almost 44 years.  I’m not saying that I was a Breatharian.  However,  I wouldn’t eat more than once a day.  Maybe on occasion I’d have a snack, but really, I’d have one huge meal once a day.

Since I’ve been having smaller meals during the day, I’ve found my hunger.  I’ve blogged before about not really feeling hunger, and how I didn’t know if I ever would be able to feel it.  Well, since starting to eat at least two (sometimes three, boy am I getting radical) meals a day, I’ve been feeling the hunger.

Actually, it’s so bad (if I forget to eat — like this morning), that the dog heard my stomach growling and growled back!  It is so forceful I can’t ignore it.

It’s hard to believe I used to not feel hunger at all.  It’s hard to believe that I used to not feel hunger at all as recently as only two months ago.

This is a strange sensation, both in eating so often and in actually feeling hunger.


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  1. You know, I’ve heard that the lack of hunger pangs is fairly common among people who are starving, whether through lack of available food or extremely disordered eating habits.

    Once the disordered habits (or compulsions) or scarcity of food goes away, most people start feeling hunger normally again.

    It’s good to know that you’re getting your hunger back.

  2. This happened to me too! As a teenager I learned to ignore the tummy rumbles and pain that signaled hunger. Eventually that just stopped happening. And then a few years ago when I started eating actual meals again for the first time since I was in junior high school, I started waking up hungry for breakfast. I don’t know why it came as such a surprise, but it really was.

  3. Sounds normal to me. 🙂 I’ve seen this happen to friends and aquaintances of mine. They’ve gone off on a healthy eating kick (or possibly a “healthy eating” kick, but let’s not get too fussy over terms right now…) and started eating breakfast, having scheduled meals, or at least following the schedule of an eating plan, and were astonished to find themselves HUNGRY. Some were scared of it. Hunger is the ENEMY, right? One guy friend of mine was pissed, because since he started eating breakfast, he had to snack a bit and eat a bigger lunch.

    Hunger isn’t an enemy! Hunger can be your buddy. Hunger and I are on cheerful terms, and we work together to make sure that I get all the nourishment I need. Hooray for hunger. 🙂

  4. How are you feeling about being hungry? I don’t like it, myself; no amount of telling myself it is normal seems to work. I eat twice a day usually, and whether I overeat is largely determined by how long I have over-waited.

    I would like to make hunger my friend, my cue-card provider. But the me that was always starved, well, ‘she’ has other ideas. And btw, thank you for posting this; I actually had not thought about how often I semi-flip out for no reason simply when I feel hunger and can’t immediately do something about it.

    • I will be doing a post about my “stash” sometime soon. Yes, as a lot of people who were starved do, I have a stash of food, against the day we ever need it.

      Every so often, I try to thin the stash a bit, so for the past month, we only ate the meat that was in the freezer. Yes, you read that right. I didn’t have to buy *any* meat for a month (and we are meat eaters, eating it every day), because I’d stashed so much. I’m finally down to the bottom of my freezer and can start buying/hoarding again.

      Hunger is not fun, but I’m working on accepting it as a tool, rather than an enemy.

  5. ::::Sigh::::: Is THAT why I always end up with a freezer full at month’s end? Cause I buy much more than I need? Shhhh….I’m blonde, and always wanted to visit an Egyptian river….

    • *hugs* There is much to unlearn, but eventually it happens (so I’ve been told, haven’t gotten all the way there yet).

  6. I love waking up hungry because, to me, it means that I actually used the food I ate the day before.

    When I started going hypo, the morning hungries went away (along with morning BMs or… any BMs really — TMI I know).

    Since I’ve started on effective thyroid treatment, they are both back and I’m ecstatic.

    I have a problem with hunger throughout the rest of the day, however. Not so much with feeling it, but the fact that I often don’t recognize it until it is too late.

    I’d like to be able to recognize my hunger when it happens, not when I’m about to fall over, or when the cats start to look appetizing.

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