I’m not sure this would work

I’ve recently been hired at a local retail store, and am becoming accustomed to the schedule.   The hours can sometimes be long, but I like where I work, so that helps me when I get tired.

This weekend I had my first long days — 7 and 8 hour days.  During one of the days, on lunch break, I was talking with a coworker.

I had brought some meat pie type things that I made for lunch.  It was a homemade raised bread crust with meat and veggies inside it.  It was good, even if I do say so myself.  My coworker asked what I’d brought, and I said it was kind of like a homemade Hot Pocket (TM), only better.

We started talking food, and how I tend to make everything from scratch, and at one point during the conversation, she said I should write a cookbook.  I laughed, and told her that I wrote the wrong type of blog to get any kind of publisher interested in a cookbook from me.  That, of course, led to questions on what kind of blog I write.

Before we went too far into the fat/size acceptance movement, I said, “Yeah, I could just see the title too.  An Unrepentant Fatty’s Cook Book.”  She laughed and then said, “Sure, why not?”

I can think of a hundred reasons why not.  The fact that I’m unrepentant.  The fact that I’d not be able to get a publisher to go for something titled that.  The fact that I’d get so much more negative reaction from doing something like that than I’ve gotten from writing this blog.*  That’s just the easy first three from the top of my head reasons.

However, I still like the title.  The Unrepentant Fatty’s Cook Book. Too bad it’s an idea who’s time will never come.

*Fact is, while I’ve been dormant for most of this year, I’m still getting trolls telling me how I’m the personification of all that’s wrong with the world, because I’m fat.

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  1. If you listen to dogs barking, you’ll go deaf without hearing much.

    I think this is an excellent idea and I love the title. Jeezum fecking cheeto, girl, have you watched Paula Deen cook? She’s the epitome of “unrepentant” cooking! And how do you know a publisher will never pick it up? Have to talked to any? And there are other avenues besides traditional publishing.

    I WANT. Write it. Write it because it needs to be written, write it because it’s your passion, write it because I WANT. ❤

  2. I think this is an idea whose time has come.

    I know I would buy a copy, and I bet I’m not the only one. And hey, if an entire cookbook for clearing away your constipation is on the market (no lie, I’ve seen it at my local bookstore, much to my dismay) and apparently selling, I see no reason why yours can’t, too.

    After all, the Two Fat Ladies had a successful tv show and more than one cookbook on the market.

    Of course, you could call it The Unrepentant Cookbook if you’re worried about turning too many people off with the word ‘fatty.’ It would still be a refreshing thing to find at a bookstore. Just finding a modern cookbook that never admonishes you to cut the fat out, carefully count up your calories before shame-facedly accepting a tiny sliver of cake, or eat vegetables as a pure penance for eating anything else would make me smile.

    In fact, the more I think about it, the better I like the idea. If you write it, you can pretty much feel guaranteed to sell a copy to this enthusiastic home cooking fatty. And I might send a copy to some of my friends, both fat and thin. So there.

  3. I also agree you should write it. “Unrepentant” something cookbook – could put ‘fatty’ in small print 😛

    Hey if no large pub house will touch it, go e-pub. It would get picked up.


  4. See? I TOLD YOU.


    No really, I definitely think this actually WOULD sell, more than you think it would. While my mother is vastly still in the “I MUST BE A GOOD FATTY” mindset, even she has copies she uses regularly of unrepentant kitchen diva fatties Paula Dean and Ina Garten. Both of whom’s stuff is amazing, and quite unrepentant.

    And hey, if FA and size acceptance books can get published and unrepentant cook books can get published, why not an unrepentant FA type cookbook?

  6. I’d buy it in a heartbeat, and I don’t do cookbooks, usually. But your sandwich sounded awesome (and like something my husband would like to take in his lunch for work). And if it were available as an e-book, that would be fine too (I’ve been known to download recipes and save them to files on my computer, I did that with a diabetic cookbook).

  7. I would also totally buy The Unrepentant Fatty’s Cookbook.

  8. It is because of FA that I had the courage and strength and support to open my own cafe. Yes, a cafe, with food! It’s not easy and certainly researching & beginning the process was a nightmare. But one year of business later? I cannot believe I hesitated and beat myself up for so long about it. I only say this because if it is something you want to do, just do it! Don’t wait for social climates to change. Don’t worry about publishers. Just write the damned thing and see what happens from there. There are plenty of print-on-demand type self-publishing firms you can use. Certainly those of us who read your blog would want a copy! =0)

  9. I think you’d be surprised at how many people out there might buy this book, me included. Perhaps Pearl Song Press might be interested? I could send you some recipes too!

  10. sign me up as a buy…and i would contribute as well…you havent had my homeade fried chicken…or corn chowder with cream.

  11. You know, it doesn’t have to be ”edited”… just write it, take the requests on your website, print as many copies of your book with a simple printer, bring this to a place where they can bind it, then ship it to us people 🙂

    Might be a great start and a great test. If you send your book to an editor while being able to say : X copies were sold without even making big advertisement! It could be very convincing. I’d like to contribute too! I juste love the ”unrepentant fatty” part. People are sick and tired of cookbooks looking like math books with too many calorie counting, etc etc. It just takes the joy out eating.

    So, go ahead, and Pearl Song is a great idea !!

  12. “Fact is, while I’ve been dormant for most of this year, I’m still getting trolls telling me how I’m the personification of all that’s wrong with the world, because I’m fat.”

    Wow! You must be hella important if trolls feel that way, or say they do. Revel in your influence.

    • Heh. I always read them to make sure they are trolls, and then I delete.

      It was interesting the one time I had a regular troll (one who regularly trolled my entries and a lot of other FA people as well) go rabid on me — up to and including the virtual frothing at the mouth. Then, she dropped off the face of the earth (as far as my blog was concerned).

      I have to admit, I was actually worried about her for a while, but without actually addressing her in the blog, I couldn’t do anything to see if she was okay. Yes, she was always a troll, but up until then she’d been (sort of) rational in her responses. That last time, when she went rabid, she wasn’t even rational anymore.

      I’ve not heard anything from her in over a year now. Maybe she just finally got tired of no responses and went away.

  13. […] A Day in the Fat Life: I’m not sure this would work […]

  14. I want you to create this cookbook so bad I am beside myself. I would buy it. Several copies in fact!

    And I hear you on the trolls. They plague me too. But I think you’d get so much more positivity from the cookbook that the trolls would be rendered insignificant.

    If I can support you in any way, give me a yell ok?

  15. “I’d not be able to get a publisher to go for something titled that.”
    1. How do you know. Have you actually talked to a publisher or a book agent?

    2. Have you checked Amazon for the number of unrepentant titles:

    3. Or, for that matter, titles about fat acceptance.

    Someone publishes these. Maybe not a big publishing house, not all big houses publish cookbooks anyway, but someone does — even if some of them are self published. It’s a catchy, attention-grabbing title, and someone will buy it.

    And the title is the least of your worries anyway, it’s the CONTENT that matters. You are probably more likely to find a publisher not willing to publish yet another cookbook from an unknown than blink twice at the title.

    That, however, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

    So, quit making excuses.

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