I Should Know Better

Over on FaceBook today I allowed myself to be drawn into a debate about fat.  You know how it is.  Somebody writes something, and as much as you say, “oh, this is going to be a time sink and I just don’t have the time for it today” you can’t stop reading it.  And once you read, well, then you write, and it goes downhill from there.

The original note was very much a size/fat-acceptance piece about how Michelle Obama’s initiative is going at this whole thing wrong.  And, at the beginning, the responses were positive.

Unfortunately, a person who identifies as a doctor came on and told about her practice.  She states that every single one of her patients is obese (which I highly doubt) and they all have so-called fat related illnesses.  She categorically stated that fat is caused by their own choices and lack of willpower, and that she’d love to see just one person who wasn’t sick.

So, I asked where she practiced, that I’d love to come and let her see a healthy fat person (because I know all my levels of everything is in low-normal parameters).  My only condition was that, when everything came back normal, she would have to not give me the “you’re still dying and need to lose weight” speech.

Her response was dismissive.  “Come back in ten years and we’ll talk.”

Excuse me?  For somebody who stated she wanted to see one person who didn’t have hypertension, diabetes, or heart disease, she’s rather dismissive about finding an actual, you know, healthy person.  Of course, I really didn’t expect any better from her because in her original screed, she stated that she doesn’t care of people see this as an evil conspiracy between the evil diet corporations, the evil doctors and evil Hollywood.  *sighs*

So, besides being the reason for global warming and the fuel shortage, I’m also a conspiracy theorist.  Guess I need to knit myself an aluminum hat now.  Oh, wait, first I need to learn how to knit!

My response back to her dismissiveness was to call her on it.  I told her she was stacking the decks, that, after wishing for even one person who did not have Type II Diabetes, she was dismissing a healthy woman with no diabetes, hypertension or heart disease, and saying to wait for ten years.  Age will get us all.  If I live long enough, it may well happen that I develop hypertension, heart disease, stroke (since all of those are in my immediate family).  But until (and even after) that happens, I’m going to continue to enjoy my very active life and not apologize for what I look like.

Because, really, this isn’t about health.  If it was, then doctors like her would not stack the decks and tell a perfectly healthy woman to wait ten years when she was just crying for one person to come into her office who didn’t have Type II Diabetes.

ETA:  I went to the person in question’s profile and found that she is a grad student, graduating in 10.  (So it’s possible she may have already graduated, depending on when commencement ceremonies are in her school.)  Even giving her the benefit of the doubt and allowing that she was in medicine, she’s still not a doctor.  So, not only was her condensation something I’d never want to face in a physician (but, unfortunately, have), but she’s also proved to be a liar.

Somehow, this really does not surprise me.

14 Responses

  1. Isn’t it fun to watch people backpedal when you prove their BS wrong? They won’t admit maybe they were wrong; instead they add qualifiers or twist what they said.

    If I were you, I’d make a note of this doctor’s name and today’s date. If your numbers are still good in ten years, you should send them to her, with a note that says “Do you believe me now, or would you like me to wait another 10?”

  2. Isn’t THAT the shits?!! The hypocrisy of medical professionals can be superbly ridiculous. And your point about aging happening to EVERYONE went totally over her head just so she could keep her stereotype running full bore. I highly doubt that every. single. person. in her practice is obese, unless she is a bariatric doctor! They love to “blame” the patient for the size of their asses, yet fall all over themselves denying the role of genetics on the body. I read an interesting point made over on Fat Chicks Rule that said ” The current obesity “epidemic” (which really isn’t as bad as it is made out) started only after the heavy push for dieting.” This really makes sense to me. But I highly doubt that a bigoted doctor such as the one you sparred with today would even consider that a possibility.

    Good on you for being willing to even debate this doctor. She needed to hear what you said…even if it doesn’t sink in today, maybe one day it will.

  3. Facebook debates are…well, a big part of why I want to delete my account. :/

  4. “Age will get us all.”

    Damn straight and good on you for calling this woman on her narrow-minded opinions!

  5. She’s a doctor! Of COURSE the people who come in to see her are sick! Who sits around the house and decides, hey, I’ll go stop in while I’m healthy and just see how my doctor is doing?

    Do car repair people complain that all they see are broken cars? Do dry cleaners complain that all of the good clothes in the world are dirty?


    • This is what always confuses me. Making sick people better is your job as a doctor. If you don’t like it, I think you’re in the wrong profession!

      I should know better too, because I’m horrible at engaging in internet debates and even more horrible at engaging in debates in real life. I tend to get so angry I can’t even think straight. I recently called my friend on being an ass when she told me about a co-worker who died, according to her, of Thefatz. She didn’t say what was actually wrong or what happened, just said “he was overweight and gave himself health problems”. Then continued to blab on and on about how “it’s a sincere wake-up call” and “there’s no reason not to at least try”. Finally I said, “I’m going to have to disagree with you here. Nobody ‘has’ to do anything they don’t want to. Sure, it’s good to exercise and eat healthy things, but there’s no concrete evidence that leads to losing weight. Sure, it might make you healthy, but nobody’s morally obligated to be healthy. People can do what they want with their bodies.” That lead to her insisting that fat=baaaaaad with even more vehemence and I finally had to let the subject rest in order to be able to enjoy my lunch with her (I didn’t anyway, I’m seriously starting to rethink our friendship as she’s said some sexist, judgmental shit in the past). I also suspect that perhaps she was projecting as she was once an anorexic and has lately been making a conscious effort to get back down to her high school weight to supposedly be in “better shape”. I should have known better too. I can never hold my own in these sorts of arguments. They cost entirely too much sanity.

  6. I think doctors, being human, let their biases interfere with what should be an evaluation of scientific data. I’m not overweight, but I’m chronically ill because doctors immediately dismiss the thought that anything could be wrong with me without checking out the positive test results. It’s reverse discrimination, but discrimination nonetheless that cost me a quality life. I’m disabled in my middle ages because doctors refused to take me seriously.

  7. “Come back in ten years” Muwahahahaha! Yeah, she is kind of right, age WILL get us all. But ALL….skinny, fat, in between. In spite of struggling and more or less maintaining my weight within reason, I, too suffer chronic pain and progressive disability because I was dismissed by doctors.

    Likely because the morons think if you are not fat, you MUST be healthy. And yes, this IS why my fantasies are not about sex, but about putting a little three wheeled stool upside a doctor’s head.

  8. Was she REALLY a doctor? I sometimes think these people pull the “health professional” card out of their ass in order to press their point; and in reality, are no more a “health professional” than I am.

    The fact that she avoided giving you concrete information about herself or her practice confirms to me that she is not a doctor.

    • That’s why I said she identified as a doctor. This is the internet. I could say I’m a rock star and nobody’d know the difference.

      The fact she wouldn’t give me any information (not that I was asking where she lived, but where she practiced) either on the post or in private, made me wonder too. But I wasn’t about to be rude to her and say “oh, you aren’t a doctor!”

      Either way, her dismissive attitude just sucked.

  9. Ya know, I recently had someone who I consider a decent friend explain to me that IR and Type 2 diabetes were the same thing.

    Also, side note: with everything I got going on, (for the masses, I elucidate) Fibro, migraines, PCOS, sleep apnea, osteo-arthritis (I think that’s everything), no one is saying I need to lose weight in order to be healthy anymore. I’m as healthy as I can be, given my circumstances, and skinny people have all those issues too! (read an article that apnea is not necessarily fixed through weight loss)

    I’d be tempted to hand that woman her arse…I’m glad I don’t take part in FB more than I do, I really am.

  10. All I can think is “Thank God she’s not my doctor.”

  11. I wonder how many thin people will visit her with skiing accidents, skating collisions, pulled muscles and god knows what else during those ten years.

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