A Radical Idea

Wow.  Just wow.

Please, go to Shakesville and read this Proposal, if you haven’t already.  It is very radical, and definitely something that is needed.


2 Responses

  1. That is radical? It is something my son (the fitness-muscle-nut-nazi, as he is oft’ called) and I have both said for decades.

    My biggest pain is when someone is at ANY weight including “over” and bitches non-stop about the size they WANT to be instead. I have to sit on my tongue to not scream about how they should DO something besides talk about it—either GET there or get used to where they are now. I will, at age 56, likely never be the weight I was at 20 again; but I am not terribly unhappy at my current weight. Long as I can move with no pain and do the things that matter to me; screw anyone telling me I should be a size 8!

    • Unfortunately, this is a radical proposal. Considering it’s just good manners and common sense, well, it makes you wonder about society now.

      It’s like I said on a different post: even if being fat is a lifestyle that people choose (which I’m not saying, but we’ll even go there for right now), how different is that from people who go sky diving, skiing, motorcycle riding, horse riding, jogging, bicycling, or heck, just getting out of bed in the morning?

      People choose to do dangerous things all the time, and some people end up having to go to the hospital for long term care due to the activities they chose to do. How different is that from fat people needing more care due to their weight? (Again, that’s accepting the argument that being fat automatically means you have poor health, which is not true at all.)

      On your other point, I understand the frustration of hearing people complaining about what weight they are and how they want to be X instead. However, it’s hard for the vast majority of people to break out of this mindset. We (as a society) have been hearing all these years about how “fat” is terrible! It’s unhealthy, destroys the environment, creates famine in third world countries even! Besides that, it’s UGLY! (And of course, nobody wants to be seen with an ugly person, and nobody wants to see an ugly person.)

      As a society, we keep reinforcing those messages, so even people who are normal weight (ie, women in the 8-14 range of clothing) think they are “fat as cows”. It’s very difficult to overcome that mindset. It’s very difficult to break free of the constant reinforcement we are constantly getting (watch a WE show and count how many diet commercials are in 1 half hour show).

      I tend to have compassion for the people who still complain about being “x amonut of pounds” less than what they are.

      But then, that’s just me, and I know what my journey has been to accept my size 22-24-26 (depending on manufacturers) self! 🙂

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