More on Banning Bake Sales

I found this article explaining what the criteria is for being able to sell items in a “bake sale” in NYC now.

Under the new rules, students may sell fresh fruits and vegetables, or one of 27 specific packaged items that have been approved for sales in city vending machines, between the start of school and 6 p.m. on weekdays.

No homemade or unpackaged items are on the list of “approved” foods because “it’s impossible to know what the content is, or what the portion size is,” said Kathleen Grimm, the deputy chancellor for infrastructure and portfolio planning, who oversees the regulation.

“We think that we have struck a pretty good balance here, a healthy balance,” she said.

A healthy balance, huh?  Let’s look at the list of things that are approved for resale, shall we?

Things like Cool Ranch Reduced Fat Doritos and Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos (even thought the latter appears to not meet their nutritional guidelines of having 2 grams of fiber since it’s a grain based snack).  Kellogg’s Pop Tarts (the frosted brown sugar cinnamon type).  Linden’s cookies.

So, instead of bringing in baked goods that (usually) has less of the additives, colorants (Cool Ranch Doritos have 3 artificial coloring additives), and preservatives, students are now encouraged to go to Costco and buy things off the list of approved foods and resell them.

To purchase food for approved sales, students may go to Costco or other stores to buy items for resale, said Eric Goldstein, the schools’ chief executive for food and busing.

The city’s new vending operator, The Answer Group, will also negotiate with vendors to produce fund-raising kits for students, probably by next September, said the group’s president, Tom Murn.

Oh.  Wait.  Maybe we’re really getting to the crux of the matter here.  It’s really NOT about the fat (surprise) but about how much money can be made by whom from the sales of food in the school system.  I dunno, maybe that’s a leap, but that last bit really has me wondering.  What’s the saying?  Follow the money?


5 Responses

  1. Sometime last year, Bake sales were banned in San Mateo county, where I live. They claimed it was for food safety issues, because they couldn’t guarantee that the bakers were working with cleanliness standards that compared to restaurants.

    At least they didn’t try to tell us it was about the fat. That’s just ridiculous.

  2. Follow the money indeed. I’m dreading my son starting school in the fall because of all the administrative baloney in schools nowadays, and I’m Canadian! Usually it’s not so bad here but I’m still not looking forward to it.

  3. Australia is a place without much culture, really. We’re not great writers, or artists. We play a lot of sports. One of the few things we are truly good at is baking. Country bakers – mostly women working at home – do incredible things. But because of various insane health and safety regulations they’ve made it almost impossible to even give the stuff away.

    It’s terrible in all sorts of ways. It’s stifling the creative impulse, to begin with. It’s devaluing women’s work (how can they be trusted to prepare food?) and it’s reducing the likelihood that these skills will be passed on, let alone thrive.

    Realistically, if men were into baking, they’d have organised lobby groups by now (I’m into baking myself, but there aren’t many amateur male bakers out there). It’s just not seen as terribly important in the scheme of things, I think mostly because it’s categorised as women’s work and not obviously exploitable economically (notice how many products claim to be home-style).

  4. We can’t even send in homebaked goodies for birthdays and such now, it all has to be store bought. Stupid.

  5. lets see. they’re cutting school funding, and telling schools they’re going to be forced to raise money for anything *non* core-related. oh, all those little niceties like band, and art.

    we even have commercials on selling baked goods for fundraising for some event here (i was folding laundry so not paying close attention).

    so. tax rolls are down. you tell parents “too bad doodad, you gotta raise your own money.” you dont like the time tested “sell chocolate bars” idea but i’ll be darned if you’re going to let OMG HOME MADE BAKED GOODS go into the mix!

    next thing they’ll stop serving school lunches, too. because OMG those children are EATING ANYTHING AT ALL!!!

    but lets go ahead and be mandatory reporters, why dont we? cause the government KNOWS whats good for us?

    sorry. i just got worked up from a dream where i was 1 minute late for a doctor’s appointment and they cancelled me, while charles nelson rilley came in as a walkin with hordes of admirers and they ALL got appointments. he died in 2007. no wonder he looked so happy to be taken in, yes?

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