Banning Bake Sales?

You’re kidding me, right?  New York, are you guys crazy?  I mean, they call California “the land of fruits and nuts”.  Are y’all in New York trying to take that title?  Banning bake sales in schools, in the name of combating obesity?

The rule, which school officials say is aimed at tackling obesity, allows PTAs to hold bake sales once a month or weekdays after 6 p.m. Otherwise only fresh fruits and vegetables and any of 27 packaged items that meet city Health Department guidelines on calories, fat and sodium can be sold at schools.

Because, you know, all those millions of bake sales at every single school every single day is what’s causing obesity in school aged children in New York City.

Where does Meme Roth live?  She’d be so proud.

9 Responses

  1. This is asinine. My kid (hypothetical since I’m childfree) should not have to worry about hall monitors frisking the backpack for twinkies and ho-hos.

    I didn’t eat that crap when I was a kid, I hardly eat it now (but I do, because I’m an adult and can make adult decisions that way) – but is that what made me fat? Hell no. What made me fat were the health problems that reared their ugly heads when I hit 20.

    I do not need to waste tax dollars paying for a nutritionist to skulk in the lunch room making sure Johnnie and Suzie are eating a balanced meal. that would also presuppose that the kids are getting more than 20 minutes to shovel food into their bodies.

    hopefully I didn’t ramble too much there.

  2. Ummm, well, as a matter of fact, Manic MeMe DOES live in NYC. And THIS is actually the first I’ve heard of it. Well, Meme DID suggest it a few years ago. I believe it was right after she was almost arrested for flipping over a bake sale table at a YMCA (Yeah, that’s our Meme)

    It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if it turned out she was lurking around in the shadows on this one. Maybe talked some neophyte follower into fronting it under the radar as it were. If so, there goes my theory that she’s not smart enough to be dangerous. I should have remembered that even kittens can be dangerous. Especially when they’re hungry and run in packs of 100 or more.

  3. I don’t think the UK can be too far behind in adopting this, since some schools and hospitals have already banned home made cakes at fundraisers, citing health and safety. I know that teachers routinely police kids’ lunch boxes and remove home made cakes and biscuits packed by parents and guardians, since anything with sugar and fat in it *must* be unhealthy. (Not to mention that in Scotland vending machines have been banned, so now kids can’t get a drink between classes, as there was mandatory removal of water fountains to make way for… vending machines!! in the Nineties. Yay, dehydration. That’s not bad for you at all, right!? *facepalm*)

    Really, it’s kind of sad.

  4. I love the taste of segfaults first thing in the morning.

    OK. Let’s say your hypothetical “borderline overweight” kid goes to one of these no-bake sales, the kid you’re trying to protect from the horrible, hideous fate of becoming obeeeeese. Let’s say xe is pretty hungry by the time the sale is on and xyr blood sugar is dropping. People don’t usually spend much time at bake sales if they’re full, yes? So this is not an unwarranted assumption.

    So let’s say xe has a buck burning in xyr pocket and xe knows that xe is prolly gonna get better bang for said buck at a bake sale than at 7-11. Xe picks up one of the packages of Fritos and sees that it’s xxx number of calories “per serving,” and xe is supposed to be Watching Xyr Weight, but xe is also hungry and bordering on hypoglycemic, and the sight of food just makes xyr hungrier, even if it’s not quite as appealing as homemade brownies.

    What’s gonna happen? Eat the Fritos, or risk a hypoglycemia attack? Do you really need to ask? I mean, seriously, do they really think a calorie count listed on a bag is going to send kids running off screaming into the night because they’re Trying to Be Good, when calorie counts listed on packages haven’t had that kind of effect in the past?

    I strongly smell the involvement of Big Food in making this “decision,” a hell of a lot more than I smell Screaming Mememeeee’s involvement. Nobody’s going to lose a frigging ounce from this, but corporations have much to gain.

  5. Are school bake sales such a raging epidemic these days that they actually have to ban them?

    When I was a kid in the 80’s, bake sales and having treats in the classroom were either for fundraisers or due to holidays. I find it hard to believe that kids are running around carrying cupcakes, brownies and cookies in the halls everyday.

    And why do they have to do this ban to fight obesity? Again, schools are imposing moral guidelines on food and not looking at the overall picture of health and nutrition, they’re running scared over weight. Repeat it with me, fat kids CAN be healthy!

  6. I’m with Meowser in seeing the hand of Big Food lurking behind this one. Seriously, are Fritos that much ‘better’ for you than a slice of fresh apple pie or a delicious from scratch brownie? I would say no, just off the top of my head.

    Of course, it’s easier for Big Food to sell this as a ‘won’t somebody think of the children?’ move with people like Meme and her ilk running the entire public discussion of healthy eating. By and large, the public is terrified of allowing people to eat anything that has more calories than, say, airwater dreams. They’ve been told over and over and over again that eating makes you fat and fat makes you die, so eating is a bad, bad thing to overcome.

    Me? I’ll be in my corner with my delicious, delicious homemade pina colada cake. Anybody who wants a slice, just come sit next to me.

    Oh, and BTW, can I just say how glad I am that this particular inanity is happening all the way across the country from me? California has long been considered the Fruitcake Theory State. It’s kind of refreshing to see it being New York for once.

  7. “Airwater dreams,” heehee.

    The only time calorie counts are ever a deterrent for me is if a) it’s not a food I like all that much anyway, b) I’m not desperate for something to eat right now, c) there are plenty of more appealing alternatives available at the moment, d) I can get more filled up for the same amount of calories from a different food (e.g. I could spend the same number of calories on a fish sandwich and some fries that I spend on a milkshake alone, and be full for several more hours afterwards) and/or e) it’s a “special treat” food that I don’t want to consume if I’m not going to be active afterwards because I don’t want the metabolic fallout of eating it and then plotzing. And in all of those cases, I can make the call without knowing the calorie count.

  8. I call shenanigans! Pre-packaged crap instead of home made treats? That’s the sort of bogus exchange that convinced me that the diet industry was full of it.

    There was an article in the NY Times a few months ago that implied that students were having too much access to snacks at school and after school activities. Snacked every time they turn around it sounded like, which is probably not a great idea. But I think bake sales are another thing entirely. Now, if they’d gone at it from a food allergy point of view I could almost buy it, but not OMGOBESITY!

  9. […] their charter with regards to feeding the students in their care.  First, it was the nonsense in New York stating that kids couldn’t bring in baked goods for bake sales.  All bake sale goods had to be from a list that was distributed.  The reasoning given, of […]

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