Interesting post…

… From a very interesting person.

I’ve been reading this woman’s posts for a while now, and she usually gives me something to think about.  Today is no different.

Fat shaming is a lose-lose proposition for fat people, and that’s the way society likes it.  Don’t be under any illusion that society has your best interests at heart; they want you to be so ashamed of yourself that you disappear.  Hounding a teenager to suicide (trigger warning) over her size  is more in their line of business.  The dehumanization of fat people is condoned and even encouraged by shows like The Biggest Loser, who employs a trainer that hurls disgusting abuse at the people she is supposed to be helping.  This is entertainment, folks!

Please, go read the rest of her post here.  You’ll come away with a lot to think about.


2 Responses

  1. At risk of coming across like an insensitive bitch (must be something astrological just now, cause I am IN it), I think she makes valid and important points. And she is absolutely right…shaming is NEVER helpful; but then I think guilt of all sorts is generally a worthless waste of energy.

    But I do think there are TWO areas of operation about fat people….sometimes BY fat people as well as thin ones. There are those for whom it is NOT a choice, and they are unfairly tortured and victimized. There are those for whom it is an UNRECOGNIZED choice (STILL unfairly tortured and victimized) in response to other problems in their lives, and sometimes the fat is clung to to have something to blame EVERYthing upon when they cannot face the REAL deeper issues operative in their lives.

    But then, that paragraph could apply to many things besides fat….drugs, drink, work-a-holic behaviors, any time ONE aspect of life is the sole focus, everything else is going to go in the dustbin. Only looking at the entire picture and situation enables one to accurately access!

  2. Thanks for linking to this.

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