“THIS is what’s wrong with America today!”

It’s the Holiday Season, and as such, there’s always a million things to do.  Especially so close to Christmas.

Yesterday, as I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off buying the last minute things I need for dinners and presents and such, I stopped in a McDonald’s for lunch.  In front of me was a huge extended family.  There was the grandfather and grandmother, 3 of their sons (don’t know how many more children they may or may not have), one of the sons’ wife/girlfriend/significant other, and a bunch of grandchildren (at least 5, but they all kept moving around so maybe more).  The sons looked a lot like the grandfather, same facial features, same eyes, same body build (which was some degree of fat).

The wife/girlfriend/significant other was a normal size.  Probably size 12, so not skinny, but in no way obese.   And yet, she was definitely of the demographic that others would gasp at her for daring to walk outside so fat.

As I was patiently waiting in line behind this huge group, the woman said, very loudly, “THIS is what’s wrong with America today!  EVERYBODY is super sizing everything!”

I, in my morbidly obese body, looked over at her with one eyebrow raised.  She looked at me and had the grace to blush, and then lowered her voice.  I mean, dude!  You are in a McDonald’s, ordering junk food with your family who’s body structure is all the same, and your body isn’t the “I work out 40 hours a week” super body we are all being told we need to have, and you can say this?  I didn’t mention to her that ordering a salad then eating everybody else’s fries before the whole order was assembled did NOT negate the calories of the fries…

No, I didn’t confront the woman on her hypocrisy.  However, it did start me to thinking (again) about the scapegoating of fat people.

Here this woman is, in a McDonald’s and consuming the food that, if you believe the so-called experts, will have all of us ending up like the people on Wall*E, and who’s statement shows that the brainwashing of the masses is working.  What’s wrong with America is just that we, in general, supersize everything.  All of our problems as a country will be completely eradicated if we’d just stop overeating.

You know, the problems like the recession, the high unemployment rate (highest in over 20 years), the lack of confidence in the banking system, the health care crisis, the high crime rate, real child abuse (as opposed to being accused of child abuse because your children are fat), high homeless rate, domestic violence, sexism, racism.  All of those problems will just all magically go away if Americans didn’t supersize everything!

Boy, this takes the Fantasy of Being Thin to a whole new level, don’t you think?


4 Responses

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  2. LOL, she was probably her third week on Weight Watchers. I personally have always found that to be the most self-righteous week. 🙂 As in, “Hey, I’ve lost five pounds and now I can judge everyone!”

  3. I have a theory. This is an aggressive woman who has been kicked around by the size-2 worshippers, is probably physically active, probably hangs out with them, and has internalized their values. Life in America demands you TAKE SIDES. She is probably not naturally her size 12 size and may have dieted down from some outsize size. She may be close to her goal weight and is famished every hour of every day of every year she has been fighting nature non-stop … (emphasis on the non stop). I have known people like that, I have been like that. But I don’t take THAT side.

  4. Thanks for this 🙂

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