Taking the “anti-fat” thing to extremes

Today, I was in a grocery store doing a few days’ shopping.  I went to the pet aisle because Piffany is almost out of JumBonz Mini’s.  The store I was in didn’t have the JumBonz.  They did, however, have a product called Guilt Free Treats.

When I saw that, I just rolled my eyes.  I mean, my dog has never felt guilty about what she ate (not even when she ate half of “grandma’s” sandwich that was left where she could reach it).  She loves her food, loves her treats, eats when she’s hungry and (get this) won’t eat when she’s not hungry.  Amazing huh?  I could learn a lot about a relationship with food from that dog!  But I digress.

Once home, I started wondering what made these treats “guilt free”.  So I looked them up on the internet.  Apparently, they are guilt free because they are *gasp* low in fat.  At least, that’s what the website claims, but they don’t have a list of ingredients or anything stating how low in fat they are.

Here’s the thing though, Piffany has a bad case of doggy eczema.  Yes, her vet has checked her out and we are doing exactly what the vet says we should be doing.  That is, adding fat to her diet.  Yes, that’s right, ADDING fat to her diet (in the form of fish oil and flaxseed oil).  A half teaspoon of each oils.

Now, why would a treat that is low in fat be guilt free?  Just because it’s low in fat?  They are perpetuating the same illogical thinking with dogs that they are doing with humans.  You know, “All fat is bad.  If you eat fat, you will be fat,” without thinking about how bodies (humans and animals) need a certain amount of fat in their diet to thrive.  And,in Piffany’s case, not only is fat not bad, the extra fat is definitely needed.

And in case anybody wants to think that I must have the fattest dog in the world (because, you know, I pour fat onto her food every day), here’s a picture of Piffany, taken a couple days ago:

Piffany, posing for her picture

7 Responses

  1. Keep going Bron. I’m right behind you

  2. Man, your dog is so damned fat. I would just stop feeding him for a few weeks. That’s what she’d do if she could express her body image crisis in human terms. “Starve me,” she say. “I can’t plump up during the holidays or I’ll never make it come swimsuit season.”

    Just so you know, I already called the ASPCA to report you for dog abuse.


    • Hmmm, Piffany in a swimsuit. …

      I want you to know, her future torment (ie, me trying to get her in a doggy bikini come summer time to get a picture of her) is all your fault. After all, I never thought of putting her in a swimsuit until you planted the idea in my head!

      When she’s looking at me all disgusted because I’m forcing this thing on her, I’ll tell her it’s all your fault! 🙂

      Happy Holidays!

      • Don’t put her in a doggy swimsuit, just put her in doggy sunglasses. You don’t have to get a screaming whirling ball of fluff into an ill-fitting cloth tangle factory.

  3. Definition of irony: as I was reading this and nodding along, the TV next to me began airing a commercial for WLS.

    PS: Piffany is adorable. So there.

    PPS: Don’t stuff her in a swimsuit. Please. Don’t give in to Shannon’s mind control rays.

  4. i let the bratling know that if i only KNEW the size of the grandpuppy, i would have bought her very cute doggie clothes. 😀

    piff is adorable as always!!

  5. Dang, that is one cute dog.

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