Wait, are we green or not?

Remember almost a couple years back when that so-called study said fat people are the cause of global warming?  Well, seems a trivia game (unfortunately, the game itself is not referenced) thinks we are actually “greener” cuz, you know, being obese and unhealthy makes us die faster.

The fail is strong in this one:

Epic Fail

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7 Responses

  1. I’m gonna start smoking, it’ll be good for the environment.

  2. Hehe.
    Well I always knew it.
    I am better for the world than my brother, I just didnt realise it was because of the environment

  3. oh my God. gotta love the greenies, right?

  4. What a stupid question; there are way too many variables. My sister for example is “slim and healthy,” lives in a big-ass house, and drives an SUV. She probably eats a little less than I do, though I’m not convinced of that considering how much exercise she does. (maybe we should tell people not to work out so much so they don’t need to eat as much food) I live in a modest apartment and drive a small car. I really, really doubt I am using more resources than she is. She also goes on airplane trips a lot more than me, and probably doesn’t piss off the people sitting nearby by being fat at them to boot.

    Anyway if I die sooner then I win on that count as well.

    • there are way too many variables.

      Which was my point when that stupid study came out, then came out again because it was a slow news month. 🙂

      I wrote a post about it, but just searched through the archives and can’t seem to find it. It may have been put on a more private blog. If so, I’ll transfer it over to here, because it talks about how “fat people use one extra tank of gas per year!” in their vehicles, but how does that really compare when you’ve got a person who is thin or normal size driving a Hummer, and a fat person (like me) driving an Escort. Or how does that compare when you have a person (of any size) who drives 100 miles round trip to work and back, 5 days a week, filling up their tank (of above mentioned Escort) 3 times a week, then moves to a place where the commute to work is now only 10 miles one way and the fuel replacement is only once every week and a half to two weeks.

  5. ::::head desk:::::

    You are such a much nicer person than me. Your tag for this one is “ridiculous”….whereas my tag would have been “bullshit”!

  6. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

    What a stupid question and answer! I agree, too many variables. It’s so idiotic to focus on one little thing like body size, when determining whether or not a person is “green”.

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