Peach Census

In five days, I made:

  • 26 jars of peach marmalade
  • 11 jars of peach syrup
  • 4 jars of peach “butter” (made with the solids left over from the syrup)
  • one batch peach cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (my first buttercream type YAY!)
  • 4 bags of pie filling, frozen
  • 3 bags chopped peaches to go in my morning yogurt

I still have enough peaches for a pie and possibly an experiment with cheesecake.Β Β Β  As well as us eating peaches all week.

Yup, that’s what 54 pounds of peaches will get you.

I should be blogging regularly again starting Monday.


15 Responses

  1. You know, if you find you don’t know what to do with alllll those luscious peach products, I’m mighty fond of peaches.

    (looks hopeful and hopes to look too adorable to resist)

  2. somewhere on my computer is an awesome recipe for a peach cheesecake. It is made with a gingersnap crust. I live in the peach growing area of Alabama(Chilton County) and I’m always looking for god recipes. One you should try is making pickled peaches. They are the best things served with a nice ham or a god pork roast.

    • Mmmmm, those pickled peaches sound good. Maybe next year I’ll make them, I’m at the end of my 54 pounds now.

      Of course, if I decide to make them next year, that’ll mean increasing my poundage of peaches to either 64 or 72 . Errrr… Maybe that’s not a good idea. LOL

  3. Looking at the ingredients, that’s a lot of peaches! =)

  4. Man, this is why I’m impatient to be all the way installed in the new apartment. The kitchen. The kitchen is beautiful and I wish to USE the kitchen, dammit!

    • Unpack the kitchen first! Who needs the bed set up, or the dining room table and chairs when you have a beautiful kitchen! πŸ™‚

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