And now for some breaking news!

The CDC has just released their statistics from 2007, and have proven once again, that fat is indeed an epidemic that is going to kill us all!


Data in this report are based on death records comprising approximately 91 percent of the demographic file and 87 percent of the medical file for all deaths in the United States in 2007.


The age-adjusted death rate for the United States decreased from 776.5 deaths per 100,000 population in 2006 to 760.3 deaths per 100,000 population in 2007. Age-adjusted death rates in 2007 decreased significantly from 2006 for 8 of the 15 leading causes of death: Diseases of heart, Malignant neoplasms, Cerebrovascular diseases, Accidents (unintentional injuries), Diabetes mellitus, Influenza and pneumonia, Essential hypertension and hypertensive renal disease, and Assault (homicide).

Life expectancy at birth rose by 0.2 years to 77.9 years.




Statistically significant decreases in mortality in 2007 from 2006 were registered across all age groups except under 1 year, 1–4 years, and 5–14 years. The magnitude of the decreases in mortality (which are significant unless specified otherwise) by age group is (Table 1):

  1. Under 1 year (0.6 percent, not significant)
  2. 15–24 years (2.4 percent)
  3. 25–34 years (1.4 percent)
  4. 35–44 years (3.1 percent)
  5. 45–54 years (1.8 percent)
  6. 55–64 years (1.7 percent)
  7. 65–74 years (2.7 percent)
  8. 75–84 years (1.9 percent)
  9. 85 years and over (2.1 percent)

All quotes from:





Wait.  What?  In almost all age groups instances of death have decreased?  The quote above is raw data JUST stating deaths.  Not breaking it down for specific diseases, just a decrease in all instances of death in those age groups.  And the quote higher up states that incidents of death have been reduce for diseases such as “diseases of the heart, cerebrovascular disease, diabetes mellitus”.  Oh, yeah, so called fat-related diseases.

But, if what we’re being told is true, and we are in an epidemic of moribid obesity, and it’s going to kill us all, how does anybody explain the fact that instances in death in all age groups are going down, and that incidents of death by so called fat related diseases are going down?

Really, if there was that much an “epidemic” of obesity, and it were that bad for everybody, then the rates of death would be increasing, especially in heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

And what was that other thing?  The average life expectancy at birth has risen (again) to 77.9 years (which is the second year in a row of having a record life expectancy).  How can this be, when we are being told over and over that our children will be the first generation of kids to not outlive their parents?

Seems somebody’s lying.  I don’t suppose the hard data would lie.  Do you?

Thanks to Sandy at Junkfood Science for initially posting this!


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