Two unrelated things today

First off, fat acceptance is getting into my dreams, and so are the statistics that I read on the web.

Last night I had a strange dream where I was at a combination Society for Creative Anachronism event and SciFi Convention (really, not a far stretch as a lot of SCAdians are Fen, and vice versa).  I was attending a panel which was led by somebody I fangrrrrrrl over a bunch (but who was a composite of a bunch of different people in the dream) and this celebrity started a lot on fat hating.  So, I started answering back.  To somebody I fangrrrrrrl a bunch over. 

She, of course, tried to take control back from me, while I was still working on my points.  I let her say whatever she was saying, then, my final shot (before time for the panel was up) was this bit of statistic I saw on Living ~400LBS.  Only in the dream I had the statistics at 33% of obese children growing up to be obese if neither parent was obese, and 66% of obese children growing up to be obese if at least one parent was obese, when the actual stats are 37% and 71% respectively.  But hey, it was a dream, I think I’m allowed to have things a little off in a dream.

After the panel ended, I was looking for the Queen of our SCA kingdom for some reason, and had found some trash/dirty dishes in the path that needed to be taken care of.  So I threw the styrofoam bowl away, yet still carried a metal fork around, intending to put it where ever dirty dishes go in my dreams, when a Knight saw me and made some rude remarks about me being so fat I shouldn’t be eating.  (You know, the typical remarks trolls make on blogs like this.)  I found the place to put dirty dishes and took care of the fork, then went back to where the Knight was now chillin’ with his peeps, and confronted him about what he said.

He was rude and obnoxious, but I really took him to task for violating everything a Knight was supposed to be, exemplars of chivalry, and how ragging on anybody, whether he thought they were beautiful or not, was the antithesis of chivalry.

I never did find the Queen in that dream.

Weird that Fat Acceptance has found it’s way into my dreams like that.


The other thing (totally unrelated to my dream) I wanted to write about is a show I recently had the displeasure of watching a bit of. 

MiL loves watching dancing shows.  Before her major stroke 12 years ago, she was very active in non-professional dancing.  She did ballroom dancing and square dancing and a few other type of dancing.  She was just always moving and dancing, and loved it.  The thing she seems to regret the most about the major stroke she had is that she can no longer dance.  So, dancing shows are absolute must be watched shows here.

I happened to come home while she was watching Dance Your Ass Off.  Now, first of all, that name?  They couldn’t figure out a better name than that?

I only watched for two dancing segments, that was all I could stomach.  Yes, the women (and all the contestants “needing” to lose weight were women) were having to dance.  They were being scored on their dancing ability, given critiques on their dance, and told how they could make their dancing better.  The judges scored them.  And that’s when things went downhill.

The first person I watched was asked what she missed eating the most.  Then they had her walk onto a scale, and everybody was able to see how much she weighed.  The amount she lost in the week was made into a percentage of body fat, and that was added to her score.  So she lost something like 5% of her body fat in the one week, and that brought her score to 11.

To me, it seemed like it completely negated all the fun the dancing was.

The first woman was extremely big, what would easily be called “morbidly obese”, but she was so vivacious.  Her dance was hopping.  She was all over the floor, kicking, doing almost back bends, etc.  The judges even commented on her flexibility (of course, saying how much more flexible she would be when she lost all the weight).  Why did she even subject herself to that kind of humiliation?  She was beautiful, appeared to have such a love for life, and she didn’t even know it.

The second woman I watched wasn’t as big to start with.  Her dance was a lot more conservative, and the scores she recieved from the judges reflected that.  It was hard for me to watch her get on the scale.  You could tell she just really wanted the numbers to come out right.  The look of disappointment on her face when she “only” lost 3% of her body weight that week …  Yeah, it reminded me so much of my obsessive weighing days.

I stopped watching at that point.

The thing is, all the ladies on the show were beautiful.  Some were very fat, some not so fat.  And yet, they were all willing to go on tv, endure the humiliation of millions of people seeing their weight on the scale multiple times, for what?

Really, for what?


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