US Independence Day

Many people are going to kick back, maybe have a party or do something on the grill, and watch fireworks. 

Unfortunately for me, my holiday is going to be a bunch busier than that.  There will be the grilling, but that comes after tackling the shower with Barkeepers Friend (TM).  See, we have three people using the downstairs shower now, and no matter how hard I try to keep it clean, that much steam in a small, ill-vented room, creates mildew problems.

So I’ve got the Barkeepers Friend (TM), the toothbrush, and my MP3 player full of songs that’ll (hopefully) keep me energized. 

Once that’s over, I’m going to make a peach pie, with the last of the peaches I froze last year right after they’d been picked off the tree.  MMMMMmmmm.  Western Slope peaches picked when ripe.  Almost as good as South Carolina peaches picked that morning when they were ripe.  We have less than one jar of peach marmalade left out of the batch I made last year with the peaches.  I wonder how heartbroken Conall’s going to be when that jar is gone.

It looks like the rumors are true:  There won’t be a firework display put on by the City this year.  Yes, there’ll be displays all around the City, but the City sponsored firework display is the biggest of all of them.  It really brings home how bad things have gotten when the City doesn’t even have the funds to have the traditional fireworks display.

I know, not a very interesting Saturday Fluff piece, but that’s all I have today. 

Hope you all are having a good day.  If you are in the US, how are you celebrating Independence Day?  If not in the US, how are or have you enjoyed your Saturday?  Let me know the fun you had, so I can live vicariously through your lives! 😀

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  1. Two of my kids are far away from home… one in West Virginia, the other in Mexico – visiting relatives.

    So it’ll be a quiet 4th here at home with my husband and I, and our 12 year old son.

    We’ve got brisket on the BBQ. I’ve made a couple salads to go with it.

    John’s working on expanding the chicken coop. (He’s a genius, that husband of mine!)

    I’m working on some family history research – I’ve got a kid who’s thinking she’ll apply for DAR membership and scholarships.

    And I’m doing lots of reflecting in how fortunate we are to be free. 🙂

    Have a wonderful 4th!

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