I Wore Shorts, and the World Didn’t End

In fact, nobody but me even seemed to notice.  Even my husband, who knows I never wear shorts outside of the house, didn’t notice the momentous occasion.

I haven’t worn shorts outside the house since the 1980’s sometime.  I don’t exactly remember why I stopped wearing shorts, but I just did.  When I lived in Oklahoma where the temperature got up to 105 in the summer, not wearing shorts was difficult, but I adjusted somehow.  When I lived in North Carolina, where the humidity made you think it was 105 or more, not wearing shorts was hard, but I never even thought of wearing shorts outside.

A year and a half ago, before my knee surgery, I bought a pair of clearance rack $4 a pair jean shorts.  My thought was that it would be good for physical therapy for my knee.  I’d not have to worry about having the correct pair of jeans (I have one pair of “boot cut” jeans, all the rest are tapered at the ankle and don’t slide past the knee.  I did wear them, under my skirts to give me extra modesty when having to get up from the floor when I did the exercises. 

But wear a pair of shorts outside, without anything else?  So everybody could see my naked knees, and possibly comment on how fat I am, how I shouldn’t be wearing shorts, shouldn’t be seen in public?  No, that wasn’t going to happen.

Yesterday, was supposed to be extremely hot.  Summer decided to attack with a vengeance, and I didn’t want to be uncomfortable going to the doctor.  Just going to the doctor was going to be uncomfortable enough.  So, I chose to wear my shorts.  With a no sleeved tank top.

The world didn’t end, and nobody even noticed.  It was anti-climatic, really.  I went into stores after the doctor appointment, even stopped at a restaurant for breakfast (as I hadn’t eaten in case the doctor wanted to draw blood).  Nobody noticed.  Nobody cared that I was in shorts.

It was so much more comfortable too.  It was hot out yesterday, and having my legs bare to what little breeze there was felt really nice, helped to keep me cool when I wasn’t in the air conditioned car, doctor’s office, or stores.

I feel a little silly writing about this, as if it’s some great insight or something.  This (wearing shorts) represents a major change in me though.  I’m no longer allowing the fear of other people’s condemnation to determine what I will and will not wear. 

On a more personal note (how can I get more personal than talking about what clothes I’m wearing):  It appears I’m developing allergies.  It seems we’ve had a major mold/pollen bloom this year, what with all the rain we’ve had.  The mold and pollen has shot up dramatically in the past month.  About as long as I’ve been unwell.  The doctor did some tests to make sure it wasn’t bacterial, listened to my chest to make sure there wasn’t any congestion, and then gave me a prescription for a nasal spray and told me to get some Claritin (TM). 

I’ve never had allergies before.  The closest I’ve ever come to allergies is that my body is completely non-responsive to penicillin and it’s derivatives.  So, this whole allergy thing?  Totally knew to me. 

I’m feeling philosophical about it, though.  As I told the doctor, my mother is allergic to everything under the sun, and most things under the moon.  I’ve managed to make it over 42 years without having allergic reactions to anything.  Considering I could have inherited that from my mother, I think I’m doing good.  Considering it seems to be a mild case of allergies so far, I know I’m doing good!


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  2. I know EXACTLY how you feel. I have clothes that I won’t wear outside of my house, even though they are perfectly respectable and modest. I hate my legs because I have ugly varicose veins, and since i bruise easily, I always look like I’ve just been beaten up.
    Purple is my favorite color, but not on my legs, please !

  3. pictures or it didn’t happen 😉

  4. Bravo! I don’t think it’s silly to talk about it; it’s a big deal. I had a similar moment yesterday where I threw on shorts and a cami to do some gardening…in the front yard..in full view of passing cars…and the world didn’t end for me either 🙂 Stay cool.

  5. Yeah, I’m thinking about taking some of my pants that have shrunk inseam-wise and turning them into shorts. The only problem I have with wearing shorts is that I have to wear knee high compression stockings every day or my lower legs/ankles swell, a lot. That wouldn’t be so bad if I could get the compression stockings in colors other than beige (would love to be able to coordinate stocking color with pants color). I may just say to heck with it and wear the shorts anyway (no one will probably even notice the socks if I’m lucky).

    • Vesta I too have to wear compression garments. But mine are not stockings they are compression comprefits with cast boots and I wear shorts with them. I thought a picture of mine might make yours look a whole lot better! lol

  6. Awesome!

    You know – when I was heavy I wore shorts ALL THE STINKING TIME – I loved them! When I lost my weight – well, not so much. Here it is 7 years since my weight loss surgery and I’m finally back in shorts again – sharpei legs and all!

    Funny how the insecurities get carried along far longer than I would ever have dreamed!

  7. Those who might be offended by seeing fat legs are not worthy of fretting over.

    Glad you did it! I prefer capris myself. I hate it when the fabric of the shorts get wrapped around my thighs and they bunch up.

  8. Good for you! I wear shorts in/around the house but never going somewhere, still insecure about my legs.

    I’ve had horrible allergies my whole life and my doc suggested the same thing, but I hate the way the drugs made me feel. Now I use a sinus rinse and consume local honey and have never felt better.

  9. I wear shorts around the house and when it’s unbearably hot and I have to go somewhere, I’ll wear them out. Fat people need to keep cool too.

    I’ll be at the beach next week, wearing a bathing suit (it’s a tankini top and shorts), and not caring who sees my fat arms.

  10. Good for you, bravo! Fat people shouldn’t be relegated to long pants in hot weather, and I’m so proud of you for deciding not to give a damn about what others think- and for realizing that they’re probably not thinking much of anything anyway. That took a lot of courage. Stay cool!

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