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I’ve been feeling not well for the past few weeks, maybe even a month and a half or so.  Not sick.  Just not well, not up to my normal standards.

I’ve been having some minor congestion problem, some minor sinus headaches, a little bit of coughing that sounds like it has something behind it, but never anything productive.  My energy has been low, but once I start doing things, I’m fine. 

As usual for me, I’ve ignored it.  Oh, when I had some weirdness in my left sinus cavity (TMI alert: when I’d blow my nose, there was one spot in my left sinus that would hurt, and sometimes even make me a little wobbly), I’d take an herb that I learned of back when I had no insurance.  It’s for sinus congestion and sinus infections, and cleared up a major sinus infection when nothing else (not even antibiotics) would a long time ago.  The weirdness would go away, and I’d stop taking the herbs.

But the tiredness hasn’t gone away.  The weirdness in my sinuses keep coming back.  Then there’s the piercing ear ache I had about 2 weeks ago.  For all of five minutes, I felt like my left eardrum was being pierced by something.  The pain hasn’t come back, but still.  And then yesterday, I had a nose bleed.

Now, I live in an area that is very arid, and is usually pretty dry.  Humidty of under 50% is normal in the summer, under 20% is normal in the winter.  That can lead to nosebleeds.  Except, since I’ve been using a C-PAP with a humidifier on it, I’ve not gotten nosebleeds.  In fact, I’ve not had a nosebleed like this (the type where you have to get some towel immediately or have blood all over your shirt) since I was very young.

My first reaction to being not well is never to go to the doctor.  There are many reasons for this, one of which is the fear that the doctor isn’t going to take me seriously.  Yes, I’ve found a primary care practice now where all the doctors there take me seriously.  They’ve not once tried to tell me that I need to lose weight or I’ll die.  They allow me to decide if I want to be weighed in when I visit.  They don’t diagnose me as fat, and tell me that will be the answer to all my physical problems. 

In fact, the closest any of them came to a “weight loss” discussion was when I asked to be put on anti-depressants recently due to something that had thrown me into a spiral.  I needed the distance the anti-depressants could give me to work on something that needed to be worked on, but where I was in serious danger of doing myself some type of harm if I didn’t have the slight distance.  The doctor who did prescribe a very low dose of Prozac and an anti-anxiety medicine, told me that going out for a walk every day would be a natural way to help me during that time.  You know, because excersize is beneficial for mental health as it is for physical health.

The doctors at my GP are great.  So why have I been putting off going?

I woke up this morning with my left sinus doing it’s wonky thing again.  I was exhausted, even after 8 hours of sleep.  I started developing a low grade sinus headache after I’d been awake for an hour.  Yeah, I think it’s finally time to grab myself by the shirt collar and go to the doctor. 

I have to remember, even though these symptoms have all been low grade, they are interfering with my quality of life.  I am not bothering the doctor by going with problems that aren’t life threatening.  We do have insurance, so it won’t cost us an arm or leg at the doctor’s office or pharmacy.  These doctors aren’t going to diagnose me fat and tell me the only way to have energy is to lose weight.  Most of all, I’m worth going to the doctor for, even for some illness that continues to be low grade.

I’ll be making an appointment later today.

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  1. Talking about being diagnosed as fat made me remember the time I sprained my wrist and the doctor told me I was overweight and needed to exersize more and I wouldn’t sprain my wrist so often. My wrist hasn’t been quite right since I broke it when I was 13, and at the time I was apparently a ginormous 165 lbs and how my weight had anything to do with my wrist I’ll never know, but that particular doctor was determined that was my problem. Very sad.

  2. Gee, I wouldn’t call these low grade symptoms! Especially since they’ve been going on for some weeks. I’m glad you’re finally going to the doctor.

    Also – what herbs did you use for sinus infections? My husband has recurring sinus problems that even antibiotics don’t seem to fix…

    Good luck with your appointment and I hope you feel better soon!

    • I want to preface this by saying I am not an herbalist, what works for me may not work for you. Please see a qualified herbalist to make sure this will work for your husband.

      Okay, the disclaimer made, back when I had no health insurance, I had a bad case of sinus infection once. The antibiotics I could afford weren’t doing anything for the infection, and so I went to an herbalist. She had me take a fenugreek and thyme compound, 6 capsules, 3 times a day until the bottle of 100 capsules was finished.

      By the end of the course, I was so sick of taking 18 capsules a day, but I didn’t have the sinus infection anymore.

      I think it’s Nature’s Way which makes a product called “Fenu-Thyme” which is a fenugreek and thyme compound. It’s worked for me in the past. Just didn’t do well for the allergies.

      Go figure.

  3. I too would like to know what herb you took. I have problems with allergies and sinus and every time I get a cold, I end up with a sinus infection, Ugh! As a matter of fact I have one now 😦

    I hope you feel better soon 🙂

    • Please see my response to RandomQuorum above.

      However, the fenugreek and thyme compound didn’t help me, and since I’ve been diagnosed with allergies now, I don’t know how effective it’ll be for you with allergies.

      Now, for a sinus infection, it works on me better than antibiotics!

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