Simple Pleasures

These past four days have been wonderful for me.  My MiL decided to go visit her sister, which left me mostly alone in the house.  I say mostly because while Conall was in the house for some of the time, he’s working the 4pm til midnight shift, and either sleeping or working while I’m awake. 

The house has been quiet, no sounds except what I make, except for a few hours a day.  For somebody who enjoys quiet but never gets it anymore, this is a true luxury.

I’ve been enjoying the simple things these past few days:

  • Only having to deal with what noise I want to deal with
  • Playing with my puppy
  • Having my puppy curl up on my lap and snuggle in with a happy sigh
  • Making food without interruptions
  • Taking my time in getting the chores done
  • Getting some things off of my long-term to do list (like polishing the silver)
  • Made soap for the first time in months
  • Made some jewelry, and did it without any interruptions
  • Ate sandwiches for dinner
  • Didn’t have to listen to anybody telling me I eat too many cherries (is that possible?)
  • Sleeping as long as the dog would let me, and not having to worry about why MiL wasn’t up at her usual 9am

Tomorrow, I go to pick MiL up in the afternoon.  I’ll be happy to see her again, but I do have to say, it’s been nice to have these three days alone.  I feel recharged, and able to face the world again!

3 Responses

  1. Yay for alone time! It sounds like you had a fabulous three days, and I wish it were more for you.

    No, there is no such thing as eating too many cherries, unless you puke.


  2. Oh for some extended alone time! I had some in January, and I’m going to have to live on that probably until next January.

    I adore my husband, and I love my brother, but there are times when I just can’t wait for them both to leave so I can be alone with my own thoughts and priorities and take care of me.

    That said, I’m really looking forward to going to a big party tonight. What? I’m bringing the desserts!

  3. Yay for sandwiches for dinner! My OH goes straight from work to his mother’s for dinner one night a week and I love that on that night I can just graze on leftovers or have an egg on toast or something easy. Minimal washing up too!

    And yay for puppy lap time! 🙂

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