Please go here and read this

Read it all.  It’s not really a fat hate screed.  Honest.

Why Is Bacon Bad, Again?

Here’s the part I especially like, when she’s responding to somebody else:

As long as it’s okay to hate fat as something evil, doctors will never look further than “you need to lose weight” as a response to any medical issues, and this is foolishness and morality masquerading as concerned medical care.

I also feel that if you’re screaming at someone 24/7 that they’re evil and disgusting and lazy and a burden on society, they will have absolutely no incentive to “please” you by complying with your wishes that they disappear. It’s not childishness, it’s a very normal psychological reaction to childishness on the part of fat haters who simply don’t want to look at fat people. When I weighed 200#, I never saw a doctor, and I was healthy as a horse. My insurance now covers thousands of dollars a year in medical bills, yet I’m at a “healthy” weight. Clearly, it’s not just fat people driving up medical costs, it’s sick people – who come in all sizes.

If y’all go there and respond, please be respectful.  Her words may be triggering, we’ve all heard them before, but she footnotes each one of the hateful things she says with the things we’ve all been saying.  It’s really a very good satire, in an A Modest Proposal type of way.

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