And They Say Fat People are all Lazy and not Fit

Today’s Saturday Fluff comes as a You Tube video, with lots of thanks to my friend Miss Kitten.  The video really speaks for itself.   (Other than for me to say I want to be him when I grow up!)



18 Responses

  1. yeah.. i’m pretty sure that’s fake. it looks like one of those commercials where they’re like, “yeah isn’t this ironic? fat people can’t do anything cool, don’t be fat!” i’m pretty sure it’s a fat suit.

    • I’m going to have to disagree here.

      There’s no way a fat suit could have the flexibility to do the type of gymnastics this guy is doing. Couple that with the folds where the arms connect to the shoulders being correct (physiologically speaking), and the fact that the gymnasts neck, face, head and fingers are appropriate to the overall size of his torso, arms and legs, and …

      Yeah, no. I’m gonna say there’s no way it’s a fat suit.

      I know a lot of people on You Tube replying to this think it’s a fake, but I don’t. YMMV, but that’s my view.

  2. I’m all about fat people doing sports but there seems to me something off about that video…

  3. The fat doesn’t move right. Watch closely when he’s doing the handstand. It doesn’t look any different than when he’s standing upright. It doesn’t ripple when he moves, there’s no jiggle.

    That’s a fat suit.

  4. I’m pretty sure it’s fake.

    It’s an ad for cars, btw, which just makes me believe even more in its fakeness:

    • Just because it’s an ad for cars, doesn’t mean it’s faked. I’m not saying it can’t be fake, but it doesn’t mean it IS fake.

  5. I agree it was probably originally intended to make fun of fat people, too. I mean, I think it’s cool just on the face of it, but the Nutcracker music makes it look like the concept is “the idea that fat people can be graceful is laughable.” But I do kind of enjoy putting all that plus the fat suit suspicion out of my head and just watching a fat person (either actually or apparently) engaging in really cool athletic feats.

  6. In the last shot his underarms look weird to me. No hair, nor the shadow you’d see if he’d shaved. Sadly, I’m agreeing with “fat suit”.

  7. Also, male gymnasts’ floor routines don’t have music, and that was too short to be a proper floor routine anyway (they have rules about that stuff!)

    I’d love if this was real, but I also have my doubts.

  8. His belly doesn’t jiggle at all. It’s a fat suit.

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  11. I was posting a link to your post, Bronwyn and one of my commentors sent me a link that is sad proof this is a darn fat suit.
    Here is the link Lalaroo sent me…
    Disappointing indeed…
    Okay… REAL FAT GYMNASTS!!! Send in your videos!!!

    • Yes, I posted just after this with a couple videos of dancers. gg gave that same link here in the comments on this. 🙂

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