It Never Rains but it Pours

So much has been going on here.  First, the oven quit a few weeks back, then my computer died a week ago (still don’t have it fixed or a new one yet).  Then, this week that was supposed to be a laid back and relaxed week has turned into one packed with appointments.

Time to sit and think and write has been at a premium.

I did want to speak a little about Meghan McCain and Laura Ingraham thing, even though y’all may be sick of hearing it by now.

Meghan McCain writes: I have nothing to hide: I am a size 8 and fluctuated up to a size 10 during the campaign. It’s ridiculous even to have this conversation because I am not overweight in the least and have a natural body weight.

But even if I were overweight, it would be ridiculous. I expected substantive criticism from conservative pundits for my views, particularly my recent criticism of Ann Coulter. That is the nature of political discourse, and my intent was to generate discussion about the current problems facing the Republican Party. Unfortunately, even though Ingraham is more than 20 years older than I and has been a political pundit for longer, almost, than I have been alive, she responded in a form that was embarrassing to herself and to any woman listening to her radio program who was not a size 0.

There are really two things going on here.  First, Ms. McCain is correct:  at her being a size 8 to 10, this should not even be part of a conversation, and especially not part of a political conversation.   If the BMI really is an indicator of health and well being (which, I believe it’s not, but let’s just say for discussion it is), Miss McCain would be nicely in the “normal” range.   Which, by what everybody is trying to tell us, means she’s as healthy as she can be. 

That Laura Ingraham uses Meghan McCain’s weight as an insult would show that, gee, maybe it really isn’t about health at all.   

Secondly, Ms. McCain is correct again when she says that even if she really was fat, it should not be part of any conversation.

I think it telling when the supposed adults lower themselves to the point of finding the nastiest things they can think of to say, and all they could come up with is “OMG! U R FAT!”  I expect better from somebody who makes their living throwing words around.  I especially expect better from people who claim they are keeping an eye on, and reporting, politics and political trends.  If that truly is the case, then where does a person’s weight come into play at all? 

Or does being a size 8, or 10, or 26 automatically mean that a person’s brain stops working and they can no longer form an opinion, even if it’s different from one you hold?

Ms. McCain has shown more maturity in the way she responded to the insult than Ms. Ingraham has shown in both the original insult and in her response to Ms. McCain’s response.


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