New Aquarium

Okay, sort of new aquarium.

We have a 20 gallon tank, where we used to have only a 10 gallon tank.  In our 10 gallon tank, we had 5-6 neon tetras, a ghost shrimp (til the vacuum ate him), and an algae eater.  Now, we have double the room, so we can have double the fish.

At this point, we have 5 neon tetras, a ghost shrimp, two tequila sunrise guppies (both male), and a red fire dwarf  gourami.  We are planning on getting another ghost shrimp, an algae eater, and some other fish. 

We just don’t know what fish yet.  We were thinking of a ghost catfish, but I’ve heard they are hard to keep alive.  We also want some more color in there too.

What kind of fish do you like to watch or have in your aquariums (if you have one).  What would you recommend for a tank that is full of non-aggressive fish?  We really don’t have any idea of the types of fish that are out there, so are open to just about anything that will place nice with others.

7 Responses

  1. I love looking at fish tanks; I HATE maintaining the damned things. I love zebra fish—but the little slippery sneaks like jumping OUT of tanks! If I had a tank, I couldn’t do tropicals, our power still goes out frequently enough that I’d have cold-killed fish. My personal favorite remains, therefore, Black Moor Goldfish!

  2. I really don’t want the hassle with maintaining a fish tank, but I do have a pretty blue-colored beta named Moby Dick fishing swimming in a vase in my kitchen. My husband and I can’t believe he’s still alive — he’s at least a few years old and all my other betas seem to have had short life spans. I always like to look at the beautiful bright-colored saltwater fish whenever I go to the pet store. They’re really expensive, though.

  3. Moby Dick fish, I mean… not “fishing.”

  4. We have a 55-gallon tank, and we’ve got black neon tetras, lemon tetras, some that may or may not be glowlight tetras, and Siamese algae eaters. We used to have one kind of cory cats, but they died, and the second batch — something similar — died as well. *sigh* We wanted discuses (disci?) but we’re moving soon, so not so much.

    Ben (my husband, fish nut) says that Julii Corydoras catfish, also called leopard catfish, are pretty hard to kill and politely non-aggressive, but you need three to five of them (they like schools). I had 2 of them in a 10-gallon tank when I was a kid and they lasted for about 3 years.

    I’d recommend lemon or black tetras, because they look completely different from neon tetras, but have the same temperament.

    You had a pleco? Dwarf plecos only get to be 3-4 inches, so that’s better than the 10-inch full-size one that munches on bigger fish sometimes (discus, usually). Also, some of them are omnivores, and might eat your tetras or ghost shrimp. Siamese algae eaters — if you can get a real one; there are imitators — are vegetarians and won’t eat your tetras, and that’s our recommendation for an algae eater.

    Sorry — I love fish and sometimes go on. 🙂

  5. You could try some neon rainbows – very pretty, and totally non-aggressive.
    You could also try the black phantom tetra.
    Another of my favourite fish is the Black Ghost Knifefish, though I am not sure how they would react to the guppies – these are one amazing fish.

  6. I pip for the black ghost fish as well. My friend has two. They can swim backwards and feed vertically – with sound effects! They need warmth and a hidey-hole, but cohabit just fine with the other fish.

  7. I reccomend getting some male guppies and/or some zebra fish, as they go great with neon tetras 🙂

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