Addendum on A Tale of Two Doctors

While I was there, the gynecologist gave me a prescription for metformin.  For me, this works in that I can tell differences when I’m on it, my migraines don’t come as often as when I’m not taking metformin, I don’t have to be careful about how many carbs I eat in a day (before metformin, eating over 50 carbs — way less than the 200+ recommended by the US Government — would give me migraines), and a few other benefits.

Two things happened about the script, one of which I forgot to mention when I wrote this up last night, one of which I only now found out, picking up the new script:

My former script (that had run out, hence the need for a new script) was for metformin 850 mg, 2 times a day.  So, 60 per month.  The script had only 30.  I was able to get that corrected before I left the office.  I figured everybody makes a mistake, and heavens know math is not my best subject, so I can give a person a break.  No matter how she was in the office.

I picked up my pills today, and the first thing I noticed, even through the bottle, was that they looked different.  Then I looked at what she called for:  metformin, extended release (all day release) 750 mg, two times a day.  She hadn’t even looked in my chart to see what I’d had before to see what to prescribe.  And, I’ve had the ER tabs before, they don’t work as well for me as the regular metformin does.

She is definately fired.


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  1. And she freaking well deserves it, too.

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