Puter Fried

Just giving everybody a heads up:  Tried to turn on my computer this morning and it refuses to start up.  My husband is trying a couple of things, but he’s not a techy.

If his trying to do the recovery disk thing doesn’t work,  I’m not going to be able to update here as regularly as I have been  for a little while, as we just don’t have the money to go and get it fixed.  I will still update, but since my time is limited, it just won’t be on my normal schedule.

Yes, we obviously have another computer, but sharing a computer is a difficult thing.  I will do as I can, but there’s no guarantees about being able to be consistent in the next however long it takes to get the money together to either fix this or get a new one.

If it’s fix it, it’s going to be at least a month and a half.  If it’s replace it, more than that.

Be back when I can!

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