Play Time

They say that a person enters their second childhood when they hit old age, but anybody who looks in my bedroom would think I’ve either never left childhood, or I’m prematurely old.

I have a collection of at least a hundred stuffed animals.  Besides the ones I sleep with (a teddy bear, a siberian tiger, a bunny rabbit, and a wolf) I have two short bookcases full of stuffed animals as well as a 8 foot long shelf full of stuffed animals.  I also have toys, My Little Pony and assorted MLP accessories, coloring books and crayons and markers, Magnetix building materials, Dolls and clothing, Hot Wheels and tracks, and recently I picked up a book of paper dolls and clothing for them.

Yes, I really do play with all my toys.

Besides the toys, I go to parks and swing on the swings, slide down the slides.  We have an indoor play center that has go carts, an 18 hole miniature golf course, laser tag, interactive mech warrior games and more that Conall and I go to frequently.

We’ve found that playing, honest to goodness playing (not just doing something active because we should), helps us to de-stress better than anything else.  Whether it’s racing our Hot Wheels (yes, he has his also) or getting into a good laser tag game (on the same side) and destroying the other team, just doing something that has no redeeming value does wonders for us.  Playing feeds my soul.

Besides actual playing, I have other things that feed my soul and help me relax.  All of the crafts I do.  Cooking and baking (and I so can’t wait til the new oven gets here).  Even, to some extent, sewing.  Although it’s the bane of my existence, when I’ve finished a new article of clothing for our reenactment group, I’m very happy and satisfied.  Okay, it’s not necessarily relaxing when I’m making it, but when I’m in it, knowing that I’ve made it (and knowing how much I’ve struggled to make it) gives me a good feeling.

What do you do for play?  What activities helps you to relax, or even challenges you, but in doing so, feeds your soul?  And would you admit to the world that you sleep with a teddy bear (if you do, that is)? 🙂


8 Responses

  1. I have a little plush St. Bernard puppy that I sleep with. She’s about as long as my hand (minus tail), she’s named Rosie, and I’ve had her since I was 10.
    I’ve also had a floppy plush lion named Hobbes since I was born, but he lives on my shelf.

  2. I’ve found that it seems to go over better if you call it a “collection” rather than “my toys” :). I have an entire room devoted to my collections and hobbies, and yes, I play with them. (What’s the fun of a toy still in the package?)

    For destressing, my husband and I like to go to one of the local arcades that has air hockey tables and play a few games. We’re about evenly matched, so it’s fun and a challenge for both of us, and we don’t know who’s going to win until the end.

  3. I love toys, too! I have a Mr. Spock teddy bear that I’ve been known to sleep with when I’m sick or depressed. I also have a stuffed badger that has been with me since I was two (the first toy I chose for myself!) and a penguin on the telly. Oh, and my collection of Buffy the Vampire Slayer action figures. Yes, I love my Fiesta Giles with festive sombrero and chainsaw! Oh, and then there’s my armada of rubber duckies. One is dressed like the Statue of Liberty, several have devil horns, and I’ve got a batch that change color in hot water. Supercool!

    How do I relax? I cook, but more than that I bake. Pies are my speciality but bread is particularly good for working out frustrations. Singing helps me purge stress and negativity. Making bobbin lace centers me mentally. Reading in the bubble bath is my ultimate personal decadence…and all those duckies bobbing around me add to the fun. My cat relaxes me. Oh, and when the world sucks entirely, there’s nothing nearly as satisfying as torturing my Simmies.

  4. lets see…teddy bears, stuffed kitties, there’s a stuffed lizard in my purse, oh the vampire bat, cant forget him! color books, handheld solitaire game that i cannot live without, “sparkly things”, kittycat ears….all of these things keep my sense of wonder and play well-involved. 😀

  5. Like you, I’m pretty busy with work now, but I’ve been doing some drawing, and I’ve been practicing at least once a week with my chamber music trio. Also, I have a collection of super cheap musical instruments that I Iike to play with: a penny whistle, a harmonica, and a bunch of primitive flutes and recorders. I find cooking (and eating what I cook) relaxing, too. My only pet is my adorable husband, and I do like to sleep with him. Very relaxing. ;-D

    Oh, and my taste in TV runs to cheesy SF and fantasy. And I love DDR.
    Also, hot baths with Lush products, too. And wine.

  6. How Wonderful!!

    I, myself am 30 with 2 young children that run me ragged but don’t really feel a day over 15 even although I am in a bit better shape now then I was at that age, more or less.

    My Sis In Law/ Bestest Friend is the same age and she just asked me to buy her coloring books and crayons the other day!

    Maybe it’s our generation..

  7. I don’t usually think of it as “relaxing”. I just wind up sprinkling my life liberally with things I enjoy doing. What’s the point of being alive otherwise?

    In the winter I like to listen to audio books and work on an embroidery project or sew clothes in my living room, or try out new recipes in my kitchen. Or work on various crafty things. I never grew out of loving to try out new crafts.

    In the heat of the summer I like to ride my bike fast enough to kick up a breeze around me, or sit in the bathtub reading books and calling people and sipping a glass of icy watered down koolaid. My favorite late summer activity is to go to the farmer’s market on a Saturday morning with my friends and wander among the stalls contemplating what we could do with all the fruit we inevitably buy. I always bring my market bag with me, and usually get a honeydew melon to fill it up, which I then make into smoothies or cut into eighths and eat with a spoon.

  8. After 15 years without one in the house, I bought a piano. I knew I missed playing piano every day, but I didn’t know how much until I touched the keys for the first time.

    Right now I’m working on a Schubert Impromptu, and a couple of Chopin preludes.

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