Easy stove top cooking?

Yesterday, while making meatloaf and potatoes, the oven decided it needed to retire.  It just stopped working.  Luckily, even though the meat had been in the oven  for 45 minutes, it was barely warm, and I was able to make “hamburger meatloaf” for dinner by turning the barely warm meatloaf into patties and frying them on the stove (which still works).  The potatoes I put in the microwave, and while they didn’t come out crisp like I like them, they were at least done and edible by the time the hamburger meatloaf was done.

After a lot of talking about it, and MiL talking to three different people (including me), it was decided to take the element to an appliance repair shop and see if it was the heating element.  We did that today, and the element was good.  So, the only other thing it could be was the controller or thermostat.  MiL had the original book from the oven (which amazes me, the oven is 16 years old), and the woman at the appliance repair shop looked it up.  Of course, this is a part they no longer make.

So, we have to buy a new oven.  Not a big deal, but as we live in MiL’s house, this is going to be something that’s going to take a while to buy (because MiL has to go to every single store which sells ovens and look at all the ovens to find the one she wants).  So, I’m looking at trying to create healthy dinners using only a microwave, stove top, and crock pot, without getting burned out on the same thing (ie, chicken in frying pan, pork chops in frying pan, steak in frying pan). 

I have a lot of food blogs I go to, and I’m  registered at the Food Network and find recipes there all the time, but was wondering what types of recipes you all have that taste good, aren’t too spicy (because MiL has acid reflux/some sort of unidentifiable achy stomach problem and spicy foods make her stomach hurt worse)?  We are all omnivores here, and MiL’s idea of a veggie is that it always has to be dressed (no naked veggies!), and they are a side dish only, and fish is out because MiL has a severe fish allergy.

Yeah, trying to find variety with those limitations is difficult, that’s why I’m asking you all for suggestions! 🙂

Speaking of food, tonight I made this awesome hot chocolate recipe.  I made a half a batch, as it was only for my husband and me, and used Ghiridelli 60% bittersweet chocolate.  It was SO good and SO rich.  I couldn’t finish my cup of chocolate, so Conall finished it for me.  If you like chocolate, you might want to try this.  My hot chocolate didn’t come out as thick as the picture on that blog did, but it was absolutely the best hot chocolate I’ve ever tasted.


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  2. The Fanny farmer cookbook has a good beef stew recipe. I can email it to you if you want.

    I’ll look through my list of regular dishes to see if I can suggest anything else.

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  5. We can’t use our oven either, so we do a lot of food out of the slow cooker. You can get a very fancy slow cooker for about $35, and it makes absolutely ambrosial pot roasts.

  6. Crock pot:
    Beef stew
    Pulled pork (use a mild honey bbq)
    chicken and rice (cook chicken with liquid, when close to done add rice)

    stir fry (just do the meat and veggies in seperate pans if MIL won’t eat it together)
    chili (again, go with a mild seasoning instead of hot and spicy)
    chicken alfredo (jarred sauce, good pasta, chopped chicken in the skillet)
    nachos/tacos (again with the being careful about spices)

    OK….that’s all I’ve got. No help on the micro, the only things I use it for are heating frozen veggies, thawing meat when I forget to get it out, and reheating leftovers!

    Have you considered picking up a George Foreman/knockoff grill? They make meat that is fast and full of win.

  7. my husband makes a delicious pasta dish with spaghetti, and a topping (not really a sauce) made of olive oil, as much minced garlic as you can stand, melted goat cheese (although any very soft cheese would do), sundried tomatoes, and morningstar farms grillers (although you can substitute chicken or ground beef), and then we toss on fresh baby spinach. we eat that at least twice a week. mmm 🙂

    something else quick and yummy is rice or quinoa with something called sahale snacks mixed in. it’s a mixture of nuts, dried fruit, and a spice, very low salt but high flavor. even better when mixed with leftover rice from chinese food 😉

  8. split pea soup is wonderful in a crockpot

    pan fried chicken is good, a nice frying pan is needed

    spaghetti with the appropriate level of spiciness for mil is good

    oatmeal, cream of wheat, zoom etc.

    potato leek soup

    chicken and dumplings, i always have to make mine with bisquick

    hope these ideas help, please send good thoughts to my shift keys

  9. You can make nearly any soup, stew, stir fry, sauce, or steamed dish on a stovetop.

    An old favorite of mine is to start a pot of rice on the stovetop, but before you put the lid on, add in some finely chopped meat and veggies. By the time the rice is cooked, so is everything else, and all the flavors have mingled to a certain extent while not just melting into each other. Fast, easy, and delicious. Plus you can add either the meat or the veggies and have the other as a separate thing from the rice dish.

    Mostly, just keep mixing up the ingredients and cooking methods (if you fry one night, braise, steam or make soup the next, etc.) and you should be fine.

  10. Hi! I’m a dedicated lurker, and usually come here through the Fat-o-sphere feed. But I just had to delurk for this particular topic!

    If you haven’t checked it out already, I swear by allrecipes.com. Here are a couple of my favorite stovetop recipes from over there:

    Colorful Kielbasa:
    -Note: I recommend using minute rice with this one.

    Red Beans & Rice
    -All the spice comes from the spices you add, so the heat level is easily customizable. Also works great with turkey sausage.

    Chicken with Asparagus and Roasted Red Peppers

    Chicken Chili Soup
    – The chopping can take a little while with this one, so I don’t recommend trying it when you’re pressed for time. Also, I love adding fresh lime juice during the last five minutes or so of cooking.

    And for dessert, Microwavable Chocolate Fudge

    Good luck! I hope your oven gets fixed soon!

  11. I generally have this overwhelming fear of ovens, so almost nothing I ever cook involves them.

    My livejournal page has recipes and ususally pics of stove-top yummies I’ve cooked.

  12. boneless chicken breasts or boneless pork chops, mix together a can of cranberry sauce and a package of onion soup mix, it comes out slightly barbeque tasting, nice and juicy as pulled bbq. its still good the next day as sandwhiches, too.

    *hugs* and good luck on the great stove hunt!

  13. I almost never use the oven. Most nights, it’s rice or pasta with some sautéed or saucy stuff on top. There are a million variations on this – everything from stir fry to meat in some kind of sauce to risotto to paella to curry. Most of these meals take less than 1/2 hour to prepare. Example: pasta with olive oil, grated cheese, and sliced chicken breasts, served with steamed green beans. I would usually use fresh herbs in this, but it’s also good with just salt and pepper.

    To make risotto, you saute rice (preferable arborio) in olive oil and/or butter until it’s tan on the bottom, then add whatever meat and/or vegetables you want to it and stir. Finally, you add water or broth and let the rice soak it up.

    A cast iron pan that’s been seasoned will cook meat like nothing else short of an outdoor grill, and they cost $10. If you don’t already have one, it’s cheaper than a Forman grill. They’re also great for eggs, for sauteing vegetables, and for risotto and paella.

    Also, there’s no law against having egg dishes (omelets, eggs benedict, etc.) for dinner.

  14. Thank you, everybody, for your suggestions! I’m going to have a lot of things to try over the next while. Which seems to be a good thing, as MiL seems to be dragging her feet on buying a new oven.

  15. That is too bad that your oven stopped working. Hopefully you can get a new one soon. I appreciate all the suggestions too – they all sound great!

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