Russian comments?

I keep getting comments, in Russian, for one of my posts.  I’ve been deleting them because I don’t speak or read Russian.

Yes, I do try to have babelfish or some other online translator translate, but for the most part, a LOT gets lost in the translation.

Anybody else having a flurry of non-english comments on your english language blog?  Cuz this is totally mystifying me.

5 Responses

  1. I’ve been getting a fairly substantial influx of Russian spam on what blogs i have left – i figured it was just because i’m studying it and have mentioned that online and that got picked up by spambots. Seems more likely that the spambots are just a bit more zealous than usual.

  2. Yeah, they show up over at Manolo for the Big Girl, Manolo for the Brides, and the Basement of the Bargains on a regular basis. As Lindsay C. said, the spambots are zealous.

  3. I do speak and write Russian, but I delete them without reading for the most part, because they are almost always spam.

  4. I’ve been getting a ton of those lately, too.

    I speak Russian, and what I’ve gotten from mine is “Stop Spam”.

    I’m pretty sure they’re spam.

  5. I was getting this sort of thing before my comment thingie went haywire and now get almost no comments. I do remember some of my Army days Russian…and what I was getting WAS spam.

    You can guess how I feel about spam in ANY language, right?

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