“The Hungry”

I’m sure by now, everybody has seen or heard about the new Weight Watchers advertisement with the cute “hungry” monster.  It talks about how this diet lifestyle change can help you to ‘avoid the hungry’.  Of course, the “hungry” is always tempting you with yummy foods few people would eat all the time bad for you foods you should never, ever, ever eat on pain of death (you know, heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer…  yeah, death).

Thing is, the Hungry is cute.

Isn't he cute?
Isn’t he cute?

Wouldn’t you like a “hungry” too?

Well, there’s a rumor that Weight Watchers is going to manufacture stuffed Hungries.  If so, I want!  Oh boy do I want!  When I first saw the commercial on youtube about the Hungry, I told my husband I wanted one.
Unfortunately, I’m not good at sewing dolls (or stuffed animals), so I was thinking about seeing if a good friend of mine could do it for me.  But if Weight Watchers is really going to market a Hungry?  I’ll buy it from them.  After all, if I don’t get it from them, it’ll be licensing infringement.  And who needs that hassle?  (And it’ll be the only money WW would ever get from me.)
The thing is, the commercials are all about “stopping the hungry”.  Their diet Momentum Program is touted at “teaching strategies to help, like eating filling meals so you don’t eat when stressed”, but what does being hungry have to do with being stressed?  If you listen to what the commercial is actually saying, it’s to ignore what your body is saying to you.
Don’t they know that ignoring the natural cues your body gives you (like, say, HUNGER) is a great way to start a toxic relationship with your body and with food?  Or don’t they care?  Oh, yeah, that’s right, I forgot.  It’s all about how thin healthy we are, and obviously, hunger and listening to your body’s natural cues have nothing to do with thinness health.
If WW actually makes and markets a Hungry, it will serve to remind me that listening to my body is healthy.  That eating when my body says “hey, I’m hungry, lets get an apple/carrot/piece of bread/piece of pie/pizza” I should do what it says.  Oh, not necessarily always get the pizza/pie/bread and butter, but then, who always eats junk food every single meal anyways? 
Oh!  And by the way?  What is wrong with the TURKEY the Hungry is offering to tempt a person off their diet program at second 22 in thisclip?  Sandwiched in between the sugary cereal, dagwood sandwich, and big toy dump truck of candy, is a whole turkey.  Is it that they are assuming one person is going to eat a WHOLE turkey in one sitting?  Or what?  Because, last I knew, turkey was actually on the list of “healthy, good for you foods”.
Sorry for the weird formatting, WordPress has the stupids today and won’t let me paragraph.

7 Responses

  1. I hate hate hate those commercials. Hunger isn’t, like, the voice of Satan trying to tempt you to do something you shouldn’t. It’s your own freaking body telling you that you should eat something. To turn it into an enemy is just setting people up for messed up relationships with food and their bodies.

  2. He is adorable! I WANT one too!

  3. Hungry looks cute and reasonable in the WW commercials. He looks like he’s back off quietly if you told him you can’t afford to buy lunch today. My “hungry” would be six feet tall, green, scaly, and muscled like a linebacker. You don’t ignore my “hungry”, you placate him or you spend time doubled up in pain. Damn right hunger is a signal to your body, mine is a signal that being poor is going to effing kill me. Can I have the little orange fuzzy guy come round with a free pizza?

  4. I’ve started flipping the channel on that one, I find it so idiotic.

  5. Do you know what’s even worse about these commercials? The “voice” of Hungry is Janeane Garofalo. She should know better.

  6. @Godless Heathen: You know, I never thought about it that way. (ponders) The problem with my “hungry” is, he’s practically invisible/soundless. Like a saber-tooth tiger kitten that just mews slightly, and you have to be really listening, or else he’ll get ticked off and bite your arm off. And that *hurts*.

    My husband has to ask me “Are you hungry?” and usually I don’t even know. But he feeds me anyway, because when I go too long without eating, I turn into the mega-beast from hell. Low blood sugar = bad.

  7. That is a CUTE doll. I’m tempted to buy one if it shows up on Ebay. That way the seller will get the money rather than WW.

    Of course, if you actually fill up on real food, as opposed to a repast fit only for a rabbit, you will not want anything else. I don’t know about you, but I know pizza doesn’t have any appeal for me if I’ve just had chicken tikka masala.

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