Super Bowl Sunday

I’m not one for watching the Super Bowl.  Not even when I was living in the Chicago area and the Bears made (and won!) the Super Bowl.  Football (and well, any sport really) just isn’t my thing for watching.

But one thing I love is seeing all the yummy snacks people come up with for Super Bowl Sunday.

If I were watching the Super Bowl on Sunday, I’d want to make this, because it looks so yummy.  And because I love the Pioneer Woman and how she writes. 

These also look good, but I think I’d be the only one to eat them.  The husband isn’t very much into spicy foods which shouldn’t be spicy, and MiL is not able to eat spicy foods at all anymore.

And while this isn’t something I’d serve at a Super Bowl party, it looks like something that was a traditional Christmas breakfast when I was living with the parents.   I really want to make it.  Since I’m not watching the Super Bowl, Sunday might be the time to try this out and see if it’s close to the same recipe, or what I remember of the taste.  Of course, the last time I had that pie was almost 30 years ago, so how will I know if it tastes the same or not?

Are you watching the Super Bowl?  If so, what snackages do you have planned for the day?  Anything special?


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  1. Even if his favorite team is not playing DH still considers SBS to be a day like Christmas and expects a great feasting of appropriate snacks.

    DD and I have planned a few. One such snack coincidentally is the layered Mexican dip as it is tasty and simple. As I live in a cold tundra part of the US the avocados are a bit questionable so the frozen premade guacamole will be used although it is not favored. As I do prefer the canned bean dip to the refried beans in this dip it will be used. It is not as dense and easier to scoop up in chips in my opinion and flavorful. The addition of fresh vegies liked the chopped tomato and spring onion and cilantro are a nice addition as opposed to a premade jarred salsa.

    We will also serve a mock jalapeno popper where we slice and devein and deseed a jalapeno and add a mixture of cream cheese, shreeded cheddar or jack and possible some salsa to thin out and then we’ll spoon the mixture into the jalapeno and add on top a buttered panko bread crumb topping and bake in the oven. This is new to us so they haven’t been made before so we’ll see if they are a success.

    I’m sure DD has more snacks up her sleeve as she is a frustrated chef and likes to be creative in the kitchen but so far that is what is planned for Superbowl 2009, moxie3

  2. late edition: the jalapeno is sliced in half lengthwise.

  3. If you ever make those cupcakes, you can probably share them with me. They sound more like they have a tiny kick to them than like they’re really ‘spicy’ to a point where…well, you really don’t want the details. And the cinnamon frosting is a yummy treat (I do a chocolate cupcake with a cinnamon frosting myself, and the main difference is that there’s no chile in the cupcake).

    Football means nothing to me at all, and I think a bit less to Mr. Twistie. We never even know who’s playing in the Superbowl. But I think I may try out these recipes you pointed out for another event somewhere along the line.

  4. Don’t know if I will watch the game, but I will watch BROOOOOOCE! Probably with a side of homemade bread and Trader Joe’s cheese.

  5. late, late edition,

    screw the salsa add mayo to the cream cheese, shredded cheese and some chopped spring onions to the halved lengthwise jalapenos and then top with crushed buttered corn flakes and bake in oven. I also broiled the peppers before I stuffed them if you don’t like the raw pepper taste and if you like twice baked potatoes you’ll probably like these but with a “kick”!

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