It must be a slow news day

You’d think with all the changes President Obama is making, they’d not rehash old news.

Apparently, the Today Show is reporting on the adenovirus that may increase people’s chances of “catching teh fatz!”

For once in my life, I actually wrote on something BEFORE it became the newest thing!   Fat Virus?  At the time I wrote on this, the beggining of December, I was four months behind the times.  So that makes this now about 6 months behind the times. 

You’d think the staff on the Today Show would be more up to date than this.  You’d think the staff on the Today Show would do more research… oh, what am I saying.  It’s the Today Show, after all.  They aren’t exactly known for leading edge journalism.  Unfortunately, now that it’s been on the Today Show, there’s probably going to be a lot more “omg! u r so fat!  stay away!  I don’t want to catch it!”

Like we didn’t have enough of that already.


8 Responses

  1. Just a comment on journalism in general… Newspapers haven’t been doing well even before the recession — many haven’t been able to transition profitably to an internet-based world. I encourage everyone to buy a newspaper and support local advertising seen within for the simple fact that you will see more and more wire stories and press release kinds of articles so long as newspapers have to keep cutting staff and laying off workers.

  2. wire stories and press release kinds of articles that regurgitate commercial anti-obesity interests, that is.

  3. Or we could stop trying to resuscitate a dying media format. The reason a lot of papers haven’t been doing well is a multi-decade decline in journalistic standards. There’s a reason most local papers have a sarcastic nickname among the readership, a reason that doesn’t usually involve accusations of partisan bias.

    Newspapers are going the way of whalebone corset repair.

  4. I tracked down and blogged the abstract for the study that’s behind this story, and the damn thing was published in December 2004. So actually the media is 4+ years behind the times!

    It’s a suss study anyway, but the media are also cherry-picking for maximum fear-factor, because the abstract also says that the virus REDUCES the dreaded cholesterol, but you don’t see that reported anywhere!

    *sigh* I really hate those guys!

  5. well… i can assure you that young recruit at lackland did not end up fat. she ended up dead with her lungs and brain basically liquified. one would think that might be slightly more important than the fact that one pseudo-study said it might make you fat. :/

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  7. raven: Are you saying the AD-36 virus liquified somebody’s brains and lungs? If so, can you provide links to the stories saying this?

    randomquorum: Like I said, must be a slow news day. But 4+ years is not recent. Oy.

    Rachel: The problem is a chicken/egg situation. The newspapers readership is declining, so they can’t afford to keep the award winning writers and features that keep readership. It sucks all the way around, and in the 3 years I’ve lived here, I’ve seen the local newspaper make choices like that. Cutting quality to save pennies is never going to work.

  8. welshwmn3: i can’t provide any links. i have info i probably shouldn’t have. but i know someone that was on her medical team. heh. it’s a bit more complicated than the virus by itself turned her lungs and brains into mush. if you want more detailed info, you can contact me off the blog.

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