Saturday Fluff — A mix of things

I know I’ve not been writing regularly since the holidays.  I apologize. 

The holidays were filled to the brim with doing stuff and visiting people, which is the way holidays should be, but makes internet time difficult.  Add into that one elderly aunt-in-law going to the hospital twice in a two weeks span, and numerous doctors and physical therapist visits for myself and my mother-in-law, and you have a recipe for little ‘me’ time.

Things are settling down, as they eventually do, and I can get back to writing again, like I love to do.

First off, in a fluffy vein:

The cartoonist (Jennie Breeden) at The Devil’s Panties has a new cartoon up that touches a little on what I wrote about in Don’t Men Tend to Gain Weight in their Middle Age Too?  So, please, go here to see her humorous take on this.

Secondly, I think I have arrived!  I’ve been asked to shill a product (which I’ll not mention here) that is a weight loss product.  The email sent to me told me how much they love my blog, used the title of one of my posts in the email, making it seem like they really read the blog, and then asked me to shill this product.  When I went looking at the product, it became apparent that, like so many other fat acceptance blogs out there, they didn’t actually read what I have to say, but just saw the words “fat” and figured this was another diet blog.

I think it’s funny, actually.  My very first “please shill my weight loss product on your fat acceptance blog”.  I think I need to go celebrate!

Speaking of celebrations, how was every body’s holidays?  Did you have fun?  Get to many parties?  Stay up to count down the New Year?  Hope all y’alls holidays were filled with friends, family, and fun.

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