Some People Just Don’t Get It

The other day I was looking at a website that sells articles for blog entries.  Not to buy any for this blog (I have a lot of ideas to write about, and if my ideas dry up, I’ll just go to a different updating schedule or close down the blog, but I don’t see that happening for a long time).  But to see if I could write the type of articles they seem to want.   Being a paid writer is a dream of mine, you see.

Anyway, one of the articles was about “Holiday Eating for Fat People.”*  It was about the most condescending piece of crap you could ever imagine.  It started out stating something like “One thing you obese have to realize” and went downhill from there (from the snippet of about 3 paragraphs the site gave so you could see if you wanted to buy it).

I obviously did not buy the article, so I don’t know how bad it got.  But I would say to the author of the article, way to go to offend your supposed target demographic.  Putting things into an us/them situation is NOT going to help you sell that article. 

Showing people you are looking down your nose at them is not going to bring you money.  If you really want to do an article about how to not overeat for the holidays, at least try to get over yourself enough to not say “here’s what you obese have to do.”  That should be so obvious.  That it’s not says something about the state of the culture we live in.


*Not the actual title of the article, I can’t remember what the real title was, and can’t be bothered to go back and look.

3 Responses

  1. I totally agree that the premise was beyond the pale.

    However, an article like that is most likely being sold as rant to people too lazy to write their own rants about how disgusting other people are. So, the target isn’t so much fat people as it is people who don’t like fat people and want a rant to put on their blog to disparage fat people. That person will probably get paid nicely for that piece.

    When it comes to being a paid writer, artistic integrity often takes a backseat to what sells. That’s why we have the word “hack.” (Not to imply that you have to be one to get paid, but just to say that whoever wrote that piece probably is one.)

  2. For that writer to lump all fat people together as “the obese” chaps my ass. Talk making fat people into “other” and sub-human, that does it very well. Saying “one thing you obese have to realize” makes fat people sound like an alien creature from outer space, and fat people sure as hell aren’t alien to this earth. I’d rather be called a fat bitch than “you obese”. At least “fat bitch” makes me human (and “bitch” implies that I can and will fight back when I’m mistreated).

  3. vesta44: “For that writer to lump all fat people together as “the obese” chaps my ass.”

    I know, right? Like we are a borg collective or something.

    twilightriver: Yes, we call them hacks for a reason, but it’s not just being a hack, but it’s being a lazy hack to just lump everybody into one word. There are so many ways to say what s/he wanted to say without being lazy.

    I kind of feel like an anecdote I heard about the English parliment once. After a TON of arguing hot and heavy, one member of parliment called another a twit (or something like that) and was called out of order. “Twit” was the least offensive word used in the back and forth going on. When interviewed later, the person who called the other out of order (and now I’m admitting to my American ignorance of the titles of other government officials, please forgive me) said something to the order of, “There are so many descriptive words to use in the English language and he had to resort to such a common one? Of course he was out of order!”

    Somedays I feel like Cyrano de Bergerac. Fat? Is that all you’ve got? Please, be creative, have some fun, mix it up a little. But just calling me fat is not even going to get a raised eyebrow from me. It’s so common.

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