Can anybody tell me?

This is a bonus post, because I’m genuinely curious here.

According to PopSeoul!, a twenty year old rapper Yoobin, of the group Wondergirls, is having troubles with her fans being upset with her for being fat.

Could somebody look at that picture and tell me who the alleged fat rapper is?  Because, I honestly don’t see any difference between the woman on the left, the one in the middle, or the one on the right (as far as weight is concerned).

I also could go into a whole post about how this is what happens when people buy into the fat epi-panic brainwashing that’s going on:  A person gains a pound and everybody gets upset because she’s ‘chunked up’.  But when you look at her next to her peers, you don’t see anything amiss. 

I could, but I’m out the door in a few minutes with appointments, and don’t have time. 

But really, which woman is the ‘fat’ one?

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  1. But really, which woman is the ‘fat’ one?

    Depends who you ask. You ask me, i’m gonna say that none of them are fat IMHO.

    I’m going to guess that the girl in the middle is the one who would be considered fat.

  2. I don’t think any of them are fat, by any means, but looking at the picture, I’d say it’s probably the girl in the middle. And if you read some of the comments, they’re talking about her fat legs. Personally, I don’t think her legs are fat, they just don’t look like the stick legs that society says women should strive to have.

  3. I had to use the Google but they are correct, it is the Asian looking girl in the center. If you look at other images of her she does look slightly thinner but I don’t really see it. I hate this stuff. Intellectually I know that it is sexist and fat phobic and horrible but there is also a part of me that thinks if people think she is fat, then what on earth do they think of me??

  4. Of course she is not fat. 163cm and 47Kg. From a half year stay in Japan I think, that the pressure on asian girls relating to thinness is even bigger than in Europe or the US.

    puellapiscea, my inner voice is whispering the same ..”then what on earth do they think of me”….but recently this voice is getting lower and lower

  5. Wow. So it’s the one I looked at and said to myself ‘damn! that’s a great pair of gams!’ (I’m watching Perry Mason and my slang is going all retro)

    If you ask me, they all look quite slim.

  6. I just don’t think the Asian culture is used to seeing women with a muscular build, so they call her fat.

    She looks like a Korean version of Kim Kardashian, who also gets a lot of flak here in the US for her curvy figure. They’re both gorgeous gals.

  7. Wondergirls has a very *very* young fanbase, too, and they’re sort of known (or were when I was in tune) for being hystrionic. So she’s probably getting more flak than another singer might.

  8. Thank you all for your answers. In looking at the photo, I would have picked the one on the left because of the appearance of her chubby cheeks. Unfortunately, when I read that article, I was only a couple minutes away from leaving, and so didn’t really have time to Google (much as I use that search engine almost all the time, it seems).

    She has a 17.7 bmi if her stats are correct. How is this “chunking out” in any society? *sighs*

  9. My favorite is the womens’ magazines at the checkout line that have both cake recipes and a diet inside along with a story about an anorexic or perhaps a star who looks too thin or too fat. It’s like they try the shotgun approach – to try to appeal to everybody – so I don’t buy them. HUMPH!

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