A change of pace

I wrote this on my personal blog, but decided I wanted to write it here as well.  This is not about fat acceptance, so move along if you don’t want to read it.



Is a deeply discounted computer (or Wii or whatever) that they only have 2 of in EACH STORE worth somebody’sLIFE? A man is DEAD, trampled to death (to me, one of the worse ways to die) because people were so self-centered, so buying into the whole consumerism crap that this ‘season’ has become.

The corporate headquarters has responsibility in this (maybe not legally, I wouldn’t know from legal, but ethically). They’ve set up this system for quite a few years, having a very limited quantity of the “must have” gifts on hand (usually less than 10 per store) and advertising to distraction that doors open at whatever time, and once sold out, these prices are history. I know they are banking on people coming in, hoping to get that $200 computer or $10 food processor and continueing to shop for all the other stuff they need when they don’t get one of the few deeply discounted items. Yes, I understand that the retailers need people to buy (a lot) during this time of the year to try and make it out of the red, but is the almighty Dollar REALLY worth a man’s life?

Don’t think I’m letting the people who did this off lightly. What is worth a man’s life? Is that toy, that food processor, that thing really so damn important that they couldn’t stop to help a man off the floor? Is it really THAT important?  More important than a human being’s LIFE?

And this, the killing of a man, injuring of other employees who were trying to get to this person, this is in the name of what? The celebration of the birth of the man known as the “Prince of Peace”. Yeah. It seems like a LOT of people have a screwed up sense of priorities here.

I want to sit down with each and every one of those people who participated in this tragedy and just say, “You helped kill a man because of your greed and selfishness. Was your toy really worth it?”


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