Stick a fork in me, cuz I’m done (for tonight).

Between yesterday and today, I have:

  1. Gone to the store 4 times (ugh).
  2. Made two homemade cheesecakes.
  3. Made two homemade pumpkin pies with homemade crusts.
  4. Cleaned house.
  5. Made dinner both nights.
  6. Boiled eggs to make deviled eggs.
  7. Taken my Mother-in-Law to her PT
  8. Gone to my own PT.

Tomorrow I still have to:

  1. Make the wild and brown rice dressing
  2. Cook the birds (cornish game hens, not turkeys)
  3. Make the veggie (not sure what it will be, either mixed veggies with a homemade cheese sauce or the ‘classic’ green bean casserole, depends on how my arm is feeling).
  4. ‘Make’ the rolls (frozen bread dough, all I have to do is let them rise and then bake them).
  5. Finish making the deviled eggs.
  6. Make gravy.
  7. Put the fresh veggies and dip onto a nice serving tray.

All in all, not too much left to do, considering dinner will be at 6pm.

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody who celebrates it!  May the day be filled with warmth, laughter, good food and good company!