This just boggles the mind

I am a regular blogger on LiveJournal.  It’s where I do updates for my friends and family, and am part of a few communities there.  One is a macro community.  (Macros are where you put captions on pictures, such as the cat macro site, I Can Has Cheezburger or the dog macro site I Has a Hotdog.  Caution if you go to those links, you might end up dying of “teh cutez”.)  On this macro community, they posted a macro that was derogatory of a fat person.  In the response, somebody suggested that they go to a community set up just for fat hate macros.

I thought I’d be okay to go there, and I pretty much was, and then saw the maintainer of that hate community also maintained another fat hate community, where I found this article:  Convict released early due to obesity.  In the article, it said a convict was released from prison early for reasons that included health, along with factors such as good behavior and the support of his wife and mother, but of course, the thing that was most concentrated on was the fact that this man was fat when he went into prison, and gained weight once in there.

That’s bad enough, but that’s not the worst of this article.  The last paragraph states: 

Convicts’ weight has also been an issue in the United States. In one case, a 500-pound New York man accused of selling knockoff guitars was arraigned in a pickup truck in a parking lot because he could not fit into the courthouse.

Really?  REALLY?  A man couldn’t be tried in a dignified way because, at 500 pounds he could not fit into the courthouse?  That must have been one damn small courthouse!  I mean it had to have been as small as a phone booth.  You’ve got to be kidding me!  
This is so outrageous all I’m doing is spluttering as I’m trying to type.  I REALLY want to know where this super small courthouse is that it doesn’t even have room for a 500 pound man.  And if it is too small for this man, how do they fit the judge, both lawyers, the court recorder, the bailiff?  I mean, all of them added together have to come up to more than 500 pounds (even if they are all perfect size 0 women and size small men).

4 Responses

  1. It’s probably not that he didn’t fit into the courthouse itself, but that they didn’t have seating for him in the courtroom or outside of it. I don’t fit in the chairs at any of the courthouses I’ve been in and I only weigh 375 lbs (well, I can sit in the chairs, but then my hips are squeezed and the chair wants to go with me when I stand up and it’s painful to sit for very long in one of them).

  2. See, if it had been reported like that, it would make more sense. But the way the reporter chose to write it was that, at 500 pounds, this person was too big to fit into the courthouse.

    WTF? 500 isn’t so “huge” that a person can’t get through a courtroom door (which are usually double doors, at least, all the courtrooms I’ve been in are — and before anybody asks, I’ve been in courtrooms for jury duty twice and about 3 times for traffic tickets). It isn’t so “huge” that a person can’t ambulate around a standard sized room.

    Yes, maybe there wasn’t a chair in the courthouse he could sit on. If so, then THAT was the way to report it, rather than to sensationalize it to say the guy was too big to fit inside a courtroom.

  3. A big problem (pardon the pun) is that many people think anyone over 300 can’t do anything or fit anywhere, can’t move, and are confined to their beds. While that may be true for a tiny portion of our population, the reality is, lots of super-sized people get around just fine and can squeeze themselves into places most think we can’t. Why the media continues to make weight, especially high weight, such a news angle I’ll never know.

  4. There is a fat hate community on LJ? This really disturbs me. Why is it allowed? Man, I must lead a sheltered life.

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