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I am a part of a social organization in my spare time.  My “hobby”, if you will.  (Although, when it takes up more than 40 hours in a week, does it stop being a hobby?)   Through this hobby, I get to meet up with some really interesting people.

The lady I’m linking to I know only vicariously through our shared love of the middle ages and reading her Live Journal blog.  She has a wonderful mind, and can say things so much better than I can even dream of.  This post is about how long fat hate has been around, as she’s just found a book (called Eat and Grow Thin) which was first published in 1914.  From her post:

What do we really learn from this?  Well, I have repeatedly been shown one valuable lesson, and I have taken it to heart:

 Diet authors are stupid.  Ignore everything they say, they just hate fat people and are trying to kill them with insane and often disgusting diets.

Love your body – all of it.  The fat bits are you, too, and if you hate it, you will just be sad. 

Please go to the Attack Laurel’s blog to read her whole post.  I think you’ll be glad you did!


5 Responses

  1. *cheers the fellow Scadian* That was a fascinating article!

  2. Heh. I KNEW there was a reason I liked you! 😀

    And the Attack Laurel is quite the lady.

  3. When you said “if it takes 40 hours a week, can you really call it a hobby?”, I thought “Gee, I wonder if she’s describing the SCA…” 🙂

    I love Attack Laurel’s sense of humor…she rocks.

  4. Greetings, fellow SCAdian! I read AttackLaurel pretty regularly, and I love her wicked sense of humor and witty writing. You know, someday, I’m going to have to meet up with the like-minded SCAdians who I run into on FA and progressive blogs!

  5. I don’t know, I think diet authors are pretty smart. They’ve managed to drain money and brain cells and self-esteem from the U.S. (and Europe, and increasingly the world) for almost a century now.

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