Friday series

Part of my being able to accept my size and my being fat and live my life as if it doesn’t matter (because, well, it doesn’t) has been working on building my self-esteem.   I’ve talked a little in one post about self-esteem already, but I thought I might do a series on how to develop self-esteem.

One thing I want to make sure everybody understands:  I am NOT a mental health practitioner.  I have no formal training of any sort to help people overcome or anything.  I do not claim to have any credentials whatsoever.  I just have gone along on my own journey and learned a lot through dealing with my past and the repercussions of it.

The things I talk about may or may not help anybody else.  If they do, I will be ecstatic.  But this is not therapy, nor am I an expert on anything (except living in my own body, I’m pretty expert at that).

What “credentials” I have is that I’ve been working on self-acceptance for years.  At this point, 18 years to be exact.  I have been a part of many different 12-step groups (including overeaters anonymous at one time in the 80’s), have been in counseling for a good part of the 18 years, been a participant in other self-help groups and facilitated a self-help group once.  All this means is that I do a lot of navel gazing.  🙂

So, for the next little bit (basically, until I run out of things to say, or everybody cries “uncle” :D), I’m going to work on the self-esteem series on Fridays.


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