The Colonized Brain

You may have seen this over at Shapely Prose (, but for those who don’t go there, this is really interesting:

The final question from this artwork is: Does knowing this information make a difference in oneself?   I know, in me, it can.  But it takes a LOT of hard work, deliberately and ruthlessly refusing to let the doubts and self-hate have it’s hold.  It is a matter of choosing to excise the old way of thinking.

It is simple in the telling, but it is not easy.  I know this from other areas in my life where I’ve had to recover from almost crippling self-hate (and other things).  It takes forever, and it seems I must always be on guard against the random, stray thought, wondering if somebody is judging me negatively because I’m eating while fat.   I can attest that most of the time, when I get those thoughts, my immediate next one is, “So what if they are?  They shouldn’t be watching me eat anyway,” or “that’s their problem,” or something like that.

Maybe GI Joe was right, and knowing is half the battle.  The rest of the battle, though, is getting it from head knowledge to heart knowledge.

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