I don’t watch tv that much.  Okay, I don’t really watch tv much at all.  There was a period of time when I went 6 years without a TV.  On purpose.*  There have been a few shows I like to watch (mostly Food Network or History or Science Channel shows), but really, if we had to go without a TV again, I could do it easily.

Due to the wonder that is the internet, I’ve found “Target: Women” a couple minute segment on some show called Current (or is that the station, I really don’t know), and today was watching all the shows that have been archived.  Most were funny and I can agree with a lot of what is said. One however…

Did anybody here know there’s a show called “Bulging Brides” that’s on WE?  WE, which stands for Women’s Entertainment, of course.  Because it’s so much fun to ridicule the fatty just six weeks before her wedding, so entertaining.

With descriptions of the shows such as: “Bursting at the Seems  Tristan has six weeks to get into her ultra-revealing wedding gown or she’ll be, quite literally, busting out all over.”  “Just Harried  A busy mother of two, Sarah can’t find the time to eat right and work out. Problem is, she’s bulging out of her wedding dress and if she hopes to breathe when it’s zipped, she better find the time!”  And my personal favorite: “Tomboy Temptations  Too much bonding over beer and pizza has left tomboy Tanya unable to zip up her wedding dress.”

In one episode (I’m assuming it was Bursting at the Seems), the hosts first show the woman how bad her dress doesn’t fit (it’s a size too small), to ridicule her into losing all the weight.  (My solution when I saw that little snippet was “why didn’t she just buy the size that FIT her?”)  Then, a little later, the super buffed male exercise guru tells her that if she keeps eating all these rich foods with her fiance, in three years, she just may look like THIS (cue computer generated graphic of a person who’s maybe a size what… 10).  OH NOES!!! You will be TEH FATZ!

The thing is, Tristan isn’t even overweight to begin with.  She bought the wrong sized dress.  In today’s world where an American size 8 is considered OMG SO HUGE!, it wouldn’t surprise me if this very normal person would want to buy a dress a size lower so she didn’t have to admit to being “that fat”.  (Which of course, says a LOT about the society we live in.)

But as we all know, public riducule completely helps fat people to stop being fat.  You know, because we’ve never heard it before, and don’t really know we are fat.  And how much more public can the ridicule be than being on a cable station that’s marketed to women as entertainment for women? 

My other question is, why would these women agree to be on this show?  How bad is their self-esteem (or how much have they bought into the marketing that’s out there that says if you aren’t a size 0 you are a cow) that that would 1) buy a misfitting dress to begin with, and 2) agree to be on a television show that humiliates them in front of possibly millions of viewers?

I’m going to find the address for the director of programing for WE, and write a letter telling them what I think of their programing choices.  Hopefully, others will join me and get this changed.

Oh, the url for the Target: Women segment that showed this?  Forward to 1:57 to get just to the “Bulging Brides” part.

*My TV died in an electrical storm, and I never got around to replacing it.  For six years.  It was at the very bottom of my “to do” list.

6 Responses

  1. here’s part of the problem with the wedding scam, i mean industry. the sizing is off. OFF.

    a few years back, wolf and i sorta talked about a recommitment ceremony and i looked at dresses. i was in a solid 22 at the time. i was told “you’l have to buy a 26 and it be fitted, wedding dresses run small”. four sizes?? that’s ridiculous i dont blame the brides entirely. they may have bought their regular dress size.

    now the rest of it, yeah i understand. quit telling size 6 girls they’re fat. tell them “ok, that dress does nothing for you, try this style instead” yay, i can get behind that one! but not “you’re too fat”.

    i dont even wanna think about the illness that would invade my brain if we were doing a “wedding”.

  2. Then people need to buy the size that fits and not concentrate on the number on the dress.

    Yeah, I know that’s easier said than done.

    But really? That’s not much worse then what different manufacturers do anyway. I once saw a site that had a comparison of the different sizes for different manufacturers for junior sized jeans. There was almost 6″ different between the smallest and largest jeans (and remember, they were the same size).

    There needs to be universal standards for all the manufacturers (of any sized clothing) to follow. That would help to make the issues we are dealing with today not quite so bad.

    And even if you were doing a ‘wedding’, you should not let it get to you. After all, it’s your wedding, YOU should enjoy it. 🙂

  3. A great way to get these shows off the air is to not watch them and to stop telling people to check them out.
    The reason there are so shows about fat people is because they have a broad (no pun intended) audience. When people stop watching the shows, ratings go down, advertisers withdraw funding and they’ll go off air.
    Simple economics.
    The higher the viewership, the higher the advert spots will go for, and the higher the liklihood of it continuing. The more hits that link you posted gets, the more dollars the network will be making off of fat exploitation.
    (And yes, I know that this is my third reply about advertising in the past hour, but this was your second post about the television you don’t watch in a week)

  4. Keeks:
    I didn’t know we were counting posts.

    1) This is MY blog, I get to say whatever I want in it. Even if that means making 2 posts in one night on something I rarely, if ever, do (like watch tv)*. If you don’t like it, there’s the door. Or how about going and reading my rules for my blog? This is my living room. You are a guest here. Please act accordingly.

    2) By bringing people’s attention to shows like this one, I’m hoping that people will write to the producers of the show and tell them that this is unacceptable. How are we, as a society, going to stop unwanted behavior if we sit around doing nothing?

    3) Did you not understand that this is a fat ACTIVIST blog? If I just post feel good post after feel good post, while that’s nice and affirming, it’s not going to stop the harrassment, the bigotry, the crap I personally, and fat people around the world, are dealing with on a day to day level. I will be engaging in activist type activity on this blog. Again, if you don’t like it, see point number one.

    * I also don’t like the implication that I’m lying here. Your remark “this was your second post about the television you don’t watch in a week” implies that I’m lying. If you keep this up, you will be banned from my blog. Or, you can take my suggestion earlier and realize you are a guest in my living room, and act with manners. Calling me a liar, in or out of my living room, will not be tolorated ever. This is your only warning.

  5. Miss Kitten, I should tell you that some of the designers (or at least one) sizes appropriately in wedding dresses.

    When Storm and I were planning ours 7 years ago, I got a trunk show with Alfred Angelo – I got an ‘off the rack’ in my street clothes size, 20.

    Keeks, the only way to get these shows off the air, the only right way anyway, is to watch the shows, mark what is offensive, spread the word, and write letters or make phone calls. Start at your local affiliate, and then go to the broadcaster. And, the same goes for the commercials. With them, you can letter campaign the individual products.

    and I agree with Welshwmn on the comment that YOU are a visitor here, play nice.

  6. Yeah, that was sort of a rough statement. Sorry about that one. It honestly was much more playful in my head.

    Also, concerning the statement that was the real intention of my previous post:

    I’m sure you’ve heard Howard Stern, and I’m going to guess that you’re familiar with how his producers liked to joke that the people who hated him listened much more religiously than those who liked him and thereby kept his antics on the air.

    I’m not saying don’t do research into into the people who are the problems; I’m saying don’t let them easy money off of you and your readers. As far as activism is concerned, I can’t think of anything more activist than an organized boycott. If that’s not pro-active enough, or you have enough faith in your readers to be above the kind of dreck served up on WE, why not write up one of those epic blog posts and encourage your readers to block that station, so that even when flipping mindlessly through channels for something to watch, they don’t make a passing cent. Tell us to start a viral email chain with it and pass along to our friends and family. If enough people got involved in this way not only would the network take notice, but you could spread the words of FA and HAES to a much larger and probably uninitiated audience.

    Or don’t.

    I just don’t think that playing media watchdog while they go ahead and cash in the advertising dollars they’ve made off of us is going to do any one any good.

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