The bad after the good

I found this article at Big Fat Blog (  It’s…  *Sighs*

The first two paragraphs of the story:
Tam Fry, a member of the National Obesity Forum’s board, will tell a conference that youngsters who are over-fed by their parents should be treated as victims of abuse, as happens with malnourished children.

He will argue that authorities should take obese children from their families and into care, and that those whose health is at risk should then undergo stomach-stapling operations.

Now, what I want to know is, are the children in the UK so safe, that there isn’t any REAL work for the UK’s version of social workers to deal with children who really ARE being abused?  Are all parents so loving that there’s no real abuse?  No real cases of sexual, physical or emotional abuse that they have to go making asinine remarks about how being obese is just like abuse?

Are social workers going to the unemployment centers daily looking for work, to be told, “Oh, sorry, there’s just no openings.  Guess nobody’s abusing kids these days.  Come back tomorrow, I hear this one bloke is trying to create a new definition of abuse.  Maybe there will be something better for you then.”

If it’s that perfect in the UK that your ‘experts’ have to come up with new ways to qualify abuse so your social workers can actually work, maybe y’all would like to send some people over here, teach American social workers the secret you obviously have.

‘Course, you go ahead and forcibly take kids out of perfectly normal homes, from parents who’s only “crime” is to not starve the kids to an ‘acceptable’ weight, and then staple their stomachs whether they want it or not?  Yeah, you’ll be having a hell of a lot of work again.  Trauma, PTSD, a whole slew of things, just because somebody is fat-phobic.

Yeah, that’s gonna work well, isn’t it?

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